Intelligence sources reveal that the United Kingdom has a plan to nuke the Chunnel in case of a substantial Russian invasion on the continent. This is more bad news for Eurostar, the rail link between the UK and Europe. Eurostar is as Corona strikes near bankruptcy.

An old secret plan to annihilate the Channel Tunnel is still alive.

It is a strategy dated back to 1969- 1974 as the cold war with the former Soviet Union was at an all time high.

Now it is reveiled that the strategy to disable the channel rail link with an atomic bomb is still on the table.

Britain is a country with governments always projecting a long term vision. Just in case. That’s why in the old days, even without a tunnel, there was a future strategy to blow it up.

A nuclear explosion could cause a considerable amount of damage in the Kent area. When this happens, the cost of such an act would be astronomical.

During the days of the Harold Wilson administration the atomic solution was considered as “100 percent effective” and the damage “irreversible”

As tensions between Russia and the West are rising, the “old” nuclear option is one of the many to keep the enemy away.

British media reports disclose that the nuclear option to demolish the Chunnel is at least not scrapped from the military to-do list.

However, nowadays the use of a nuclear weapon is not as viable as during the cold war. Different times, different needs.