Even after COVID, life will never be the same

The numbers show it over and over again, COVID-19 is no worse as a seasonal flu.

Last week, WHO figures confirmed again that the number of Corona casualties is less than in many “ordinary” flu seasons in the years gone by.

Fact: There never was a seasonal flu without hospitalizations and people dying. Elderly patients die of side effects. This is normal but nowadays considered as not normal.

Even young people can die as they suffer an underlying health condition.

And many cases, in which patients did not show any health issues before, were afterwards explained with a possible hidden condition that contributed to the fatality.

The medical service can’t cope with the current crisis. That’s true.

Not because of large demand from sick patients but the huge number of employees on sick leave. As in the past doctors and nurses with a runny nose and cough stayed at work, now they are at home in self- quarantine. This is leading to no other conclusion as the “pressure” on hospital staff is widely fabricated.  ICU’s in many hospitals are empty.

It is a shame and crime that our lives are now based on a COVID lie that nobody seems to be able to stop. Is it worth it to ruin the life of many healthy people and destroy economies just to save the life of a relatively small number of old patients that also during a “normal” flu season end up in hospitals or die?

I am not a conspiracy theorist but we need not much fantasy to conclude that something dark came to this world.

The mass media don’t have the guts to ask critical questions.  Why? The MSM ignore the real facts and numbers. Why is this not part of the story? On the contrary, without real facts, journalists pump up the pressure on politicians to impose even stronger restrictions and further destroy the quality of life.

Do not forget that we deal with something that is known for generations, hundreds of years and we never shied from it. We accepted that the flu was something unavoidable as a part of life.

Over the past nine months, something weird happened. Governments round the globe abused the virus quite deliberately to reduce once gutsy and stoical people to a state of terror.

It is becoming more and more provable that the Corona talk in de media is junk. Again, the “official” figures simply do not compute. We are informed about positive Corona tests not informed about real sick patients. There is no other conclusion than we are being lied to.

Corona is no pandemic, the Spanish Flu, with over 100 million casualties, was.

As future viruses are looming, the future is bleak. We are already prepared for this dark future as politicians warn us that we never will get back to normal. State terror will be in place as governments take away our freedom.

There is no other explanation as a dark agenda behind it. As more upheaval is on the horizon, Corona could be the trigger of the big tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation, The Apocalypse of John.







Figures show that the linear TV audience (traditional TV broadcasting) is fed up with the ongoing scaremongering about a virus that’s proven less fatal as the seasonal flu.

As they don’t stop bringing bad news about Corona, major TV networks round the globe are now facing a major decline in viewing rates as never seen before.

More and more people know it for sure. For a better sleep, turn off your TV.

It emerged that so far in 2020 the open network viewing rates dropped catastrophically as audiences massively turn their back to the bad news spreading mainstream media.

A media researcher explained: “It seems that viewers are getting sick and tired about project fear. They have had enough of the never-ending and often misleading information.

The Corona message on TV is dominated by a lack of critical questions in news and talk shows. There is no solid explanation to key questions”

Nationwide networks, broadcasting over the air and cable don’t refrain even a split second from keeping the COVID-19 pandemic alive. This despite a relatively low number of fatalities.

The result is that an increasing number of viewers evade the mainstream news, cut the cord and choose for streaming Video On Demand (VOD)

The worldwide traditional TV over the air and cable market (pay TV included) slowed already over the past few years in favor of video consumption through online streaming.

The Covid-19 misinformation hype is now accelerating the outflow of viewers.

The media researcher: “Viewers increasingly are aware that something is wrong. They realize that the real Corona numbers are not different compared to earlier flu outbreaks. There is no sufficient justification for the new normal”

After months of scaremongering, they now have the feeling that the severity of the virus in real life is far from bad as projected on Television. This results in higher streaming VOD churn in many markets”

In North America, operators with linear pay TV services reported a loss of more than 2 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

Another reason for the cord-cutting rise is that sport events are cancelled. For many sports fans a good reason to cancel their (pay-tv) packages.

There is a little spark of hope.

Although Covid-19 has dented the linear TV market, the deep loss of viewers is likely to be temporary. That’s what experts say.

When sport events resume, fans are likely to go back to their regular non-streaming TV services.

If Donald Trump dies, The UK is in serious trouble

Nothing in life is what it looks like but a hospitalized American president suffering virus symptoms is something unprecedented.

For many humans, COVID-19 is no more dangerous as the seasonal flu. Not worth all the restrictions imposed on young and healthy citizens.

That doesn’t prevent some governments to use COVID-19 as a tool for deliberate destruction of economies and personal livelihood. In no time, COVID-19 became the ultimate key for governments to ruin economies and pave the way for the introduction of communism based on totalitary ruling.

That doesn’t wipe out that particularly patients above 65 years of age are extremely vulnerable.

Therefore, at the moment, it is distrustful whether the American President will survive and if, what possible damage he suffers.

CNN loves it. Donald Trump can’t do any good to the reporters working at this highly unprofessional news caster. CNN is on a hate mission. Instead of projecting an independent view, CNN produces well organized on going fabricated stories with one dark purpose only.

As America is in trouble, so is the rest of the World. What a pity for Boris Johnson now the POTUS illness drives him into the arms of the EU. No one knows in what shape the Corona suffering President will end.

Suppose he dies, it is very unlikely the UK gets a lucrative trade deal with the US.

May God forbid that we get an administration operated by Democrats. Using Donald Trump’s words : That’s not gonna happen. I hope so and pray.

But if such an unforeseen event occurs, the UK will not be treated different compared with other foreign nations.

Boris Johnson is getting very nervous and  already began to behave nice and friendly towards Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen. Just in case…

Therefore the two European leaders agree that both parties, the UK and EU, should do their utmost to achieve a Brexit deal. They agree that they should agree. No more than that.

It is obvious that the UK is driven in the arms of something Boris and a majority of the Brittons don’t like.

It is an extremely sad situation as the UK is now deteriorating at exponential speed.

Should the POTUS die (even if he leaves the hospital, he is not out of the woods) or lose the November election and no UK/EU agreement  is reached, the UK is doomed to become a third world country for a indefenite period of time.



Corona: Overuse of hand gel creating superbug Armageddon

These days, there is growing criticism about the way governments are handling the Corona virus.

For a large majority of the population COVID-19 is a totally harmless virus, far less severe than the seasonal flu.

Is it worth the price to sacrifice worlds economy and peoples freedom? In some countries like Cyprus, Spain and France it is. If you don’t follow the Corona rules strictly, you can end up in jail. This all with the argument that violating the rules endangers public health.

And this is not all.

Scaremongering media offer daily updates like sport event reports. Even the smallest amount of new cases is news.

Why did this not happen during earlier, even more severe, flu outbreaks? And why are emergency room operators complaining all the time as in previous years many more flu victims were treated in hospitals and many more died.

Why do officials not inform society about the real status of patients with a positive test result? Why don’t reporters ask?

In most cases, a positive test, is no evidence for real sick patients at all. Many registered patients have no or just minor complaints comparable with catching a cold.

The biggest threat might not these facts but the over exaggerated precautions to prevent attracting the virus.

The mass use of hand gels could create a so called superbug Armageddon as many other bacteria and viruses build up resistance. This is what Dr. Andrew Kemp of the University of Lincoln warns for.

Other scientists say that at this very moment, there is no evidence  that alcohol based gel kills the Corona virus.

On the contrary: Recent research shows the surviving bugs which are not killed by alcohol gels are themselves highly dangerous pathogens and may increase in numbers. This implicates that in the long run our routine use of gels could cause us more harm than good.

These finding contribute to what Corona conspiracy theorists believe that most governmental Corona ruling is a hoax based on dark motives.

Shopping in the supermarket was never so dirty and dangerous as today. The massive use of decontamination gels lead to clingy, very dirty and dangerous baskets.

Maybe this is exactly what the leaders want.

Breaking the resistance of people by curfew, quarantine measures, ruining economies, taking away possessions without any legal reason, contact tracing, social distancing  (a rule dated back to the USSR era to prevent demonstrations) and finally kill deliberately on the long run by creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

At the same time. future immune systems could weaken as too many precautions prevent humanity from getting necessary infections. A weakened immune system plus bacteria and viruses building up resistance is a fatal combination.

Cosmic influence reduces human factor on Climate change

There is new evidence that climate change has also something to do with the path planets walk through the solar system.

What we know is that Earth’s climate is subject to change from the very early days of the planet’s existence.

It is a natural process that happened even before humans walked around. We can find proof for that in very old geological formations dated back several 100 million years ago.

Evidence that climate change is not necessarily caused by humans or at best partly is mounting as it emerged that the same process is happening on Jupiter, Mars and Pluto.

Jupiter, Mars and Pluto joined the club with their own global warming. However, this all without any human interference.

It is just a short time ago that Scientists discovered some planets in our solar system seem to be heating up a bit. According to NASA, Martian South Pole’s “ice cap” is now shrinking for at least three summers in a row.

Researchers believe now that like Earth other planets are warming up. There are some non-human solar system-wide phenomena at work.

There is a technical cosmic explanation for climate change on the planets we know.

Planets don’t orbit the sun in perfect circles. Sometimes they are a little closer to the sun and other times further away. They call it orbital eccentricity. This phenomenon contributes far greater changes to Martian climate than to Earth’s. It happens that way because the fluctuations in the Martian orbit are five times bigger than the wobbles of planet Earth.

As always when it comes to climate changes issues, there is much debate.

Traditional human climate change believers argue that circumstances between Mars and Earth are different. The absence of oceans and the very thin atmosphere makes Mars more susceptible to external influences than Earth.

However there was already a proven relation between the sun’s activity and the climate on Earth. On the other hand, the influence from the Sun on Mars is far less.

The Sun influences the climate on Earth continuously. Variations in the planet’s orbit around the Sun are responsible for ice ages and hot tropical periods in the past.

Among other scientists, NASA argues that the warming we’ve seen during the last few decades is “too fast to be linked to changes in Earth’s orbit, and too big to be caused by solar activity”

Other scientist doubt this vision since some ice ages happened very fast.


Shocking US revelation: COVID-19 not worse than a seasonal flu

US president Trumps statement last weekend that “99 percent of the Corona virus cases are harmless” sparked fury in the media.

It’s no secret, CNN editors hate the President. No surprise that, after the remarks from the Donald Trump, CNN explode in anger as on the other side of the ocean the BBC, as far as I am able to monitor, is in eloquent silence.

The remark from the POTUS is in line with findings elsewhere outside the US. As testing increases, the daily number of people infected rise but a big majority show no or very minor symptoms only.

Doubts about the reliability of mass media reports rise as FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn refused vehemently to comment on the accuracy of President Donald Trump’s claim.

CNN and among them many other broadcasters waved away the shocking conclusion by emphasizing that many people die of COVID-19. Not a word whether the President is right or wrong with his very important claim.

As we know, the number of deaths is worldwide far below levels as seen during the flu season of 2017/2018.

How can it be that intensive Care workers did not complain in the past as the number of flu patients and hospitalizations was at least double the number as today with COVID-19.

What the heck is going on?

When pressed multiple times during Sunday morning news shows in America, the FDA Commissioner resisted answering the question whether the President is right.

Trump added further: “There were no test for a new virus, but now we have tested almost 40 million people. By doing so, we show cases, 99% of which are totally harmless, results that no other country can produce because no other country has testing that we have, not in terms of the numbers or in terms of the quality.”

In Europe, there is just limited testing capacity. Findings are based on ad hoc testing.

The incident is creepy because FDA Commissioner Hahn overruled over and over again the trivial question about the validity of the President’s remarks by telling “I am not going to get into who is right and who is wrong”

Instead of answering this very important question, he spoke about the surging number of coronavirus cases in the United States, emphasizing, “The way out of this for all Americans is to follow the CDC and the White House task force guidelines.”

The death numbers produced by many non-US governments are worthless since in many countries testing is inadequate. It says nothing about the severity of the virus.

The World Health Organization is misleading the world all the time. I believe there is enough evidence to launch a criminal investigation and prosecution for the ones responsible.