Wishing you a safe and sound 2018!

I am sure you agree with me that we live in a dangerous world. Not seen since the cold war era. Today the planet seems to be just a few steps away from total nuclear destruction. The North Korean government called the latest UN Security Council sanctions “an act of war” It is believed that the North Korean missiles can reach America and Europe. The American president certainly will be able to deal with this threat.

Here in the United Kingdom, other worries are still mounting. Brexit is now in complete chaos and despite a provisional agreement with the EU in Brussels, negotiations are far from finalized and the Home Office is advising new EU foreigners to leave. Since many differences are unsolved, a hard Brexit, just walking away from the table, is coming closer to the edge.

Life’s good in London. But not for all inhabitants. There was the shocking news about terror attacks and –not to forget- the horrifying Grenfell tower blaze that took so many innocent life’s. It was great to see that many officials, the royal family included, addressed the memorial services held for the victims and their family.

In this world, thank God, there is a bunch of good news as well.

The self-driving car is gaining momentum. Certainly in America. Next year commuters in Phoenix (Arizona) will have the option to hail rides in driverless cars via a smartphone app. As they join the ride, a car insurance will cover the risk.

With this, car producer Alphabet wants to ease financial concerns and give a boost to what is seen as the future of automobility.

The trip-based coverage for users includes lost items, problems related to interrupted rides and potential medical expenses.

Since I love driving, I do not see myself in a driver less car soon. But things are rapidly changing. Time will tell.

On the medical science front, the year behind was a remarkable one. Along with milestones, as it comes to incurable diseases, we now can edit the genome of embryos. Just repair faulty DNA. What a great time we live in!

Further we have the mounting UFO disclosures. With more openness about UFO sightings and contacts revealed from official sources, governments are slowly but surely preparing the world for shocking revelations. We are not alone.

Despite all these great developments, on many frontiers, it is still a long way to go. However, I am convinced we are exponentially speeding into a bright future.

Happy holidays.

Do gay people run on a different genetic operating system?

Shocking claims from scientists reveal gay and straight men have different variations of at least two genes that somewhat correlate with their sexual orientation.

The human operating system is based on DNA structures one is born with. Now it looks like even sexual preferences are preprogrammed in the human operating system.

The Scientific Reports journal is reporting that scientists at the North Shore University in Illinois compared the genomes of 1,077 gay and 1,231 straight men from European origin.

They found differences in two genes.

One of those genes, coded SLITRK6, is responsible for brain development and the production of hormones. The other gene is TSHR. This one is responsible for the thyroid function, sexual preferences and weight loss.

Earlier studies have shown that the part of the brain where the SLITRK6 hormone is based, the hypothalamus region, is in gay men 34 % larger as in heterosexual men.

The TSHR gene has also something to do with the reproduction capability in woman. Woman with an irregular thyroid function often face severe difficulties getting pregnant.

Dr. Alan Sanders is one of the scientists involved in the study. He told reporters last week that the objective of this controversal study is to search for genetic underpinnings of male sexual orientation. At best it will increase the knowledge of biological mechanisms underlying sexual orientation.

Further he emphasized that “not all men who have the gay genes end up as a gay”

Again softening the findings: “It is understood that probably multiple genes are involved, each with a fairly low effect. There will be men who have the type of gene that increases the chance of being gay, but they won’t be gay”

The scientist warned that the findings are still not much more than speculative. Though they may pave the way for more conclusive studies.

Other researchers also expressed caution, as statistic studies usually involve a much larger and more diverse audience.

Since the study was carried out in European men, it is completely unknown what the result might be in non-European men or lesbian woman.

Scientific upheaval like this is not new. Genetic factors in sexual preferences are attracting scientist’s attention since 1993. It was the year of what reporters called, “The Gay Gene”

A variation discovered in the X chromosome between straight and gay men.

And the latest is another statistic outcome.

Men with an older brother are more likely to be homosexual then those who don’t.

For over two decades, the “Older Brother Effect” statistical study indicates that men who have an older brother are more likely to be gay than those without.