The door is wide open to breathtaking genetic engineering

No one can stop the on going evolution of life on earth. I’m not talking about Darwin. Darwin was fatally wrong and not able to provide answers to the most basic questions about what’s really behind life on Earth.

Sure, there is always some kind of evolution.

But when it comes to mankind, in the beginning, I am convinced life on Earth was deliberately created through genetic manipulation. We found evidence for that as in 2003 the Human Genome Project was completed.

Even the Bible discloses the process of creating humans by describing thoroughly body parts and their specifications regarding the way they function.

We live in unprecedented times as Corona opened the door to widely accepted unlimited massive genetic interference and modification.

For the first time in human history an mRNA vaccine was developed at record speed to beat the Corona virus by manipulating the self defense system. I must say it is nothing like DNA editing, but a step towards it.

Twenty years ago, they send you to jail for such a medical –as it in those times was called- “practice”

Only a few years ago, a Chinese doctor was send to prison after genetically modifying the defense system in humans in order to make them inadmissible to HIV. Helping people and ending up in jail. Can you believe it?

We came from the stars and, scientifically spoken, return as we are heading into a new era. We will improve ourselves at exponential speed. We are talking about a development at the fundamentals of life, our genetic code.

Isn’t it wonderful, a long time ago created species now able to improve it selves by genetic engineering?

And no medieval thinking lawmaker can prevent us from this exiting development.

Genetic engineering will improve medical science as never seen before. It is about time. Medical science is still catastrophically far behind many other scientific fields.

The ultimate cure for cancer and most other diseases is not surgery, radiation or poison but in our genes.

Bear in mind that evil politicians destroy our life in many ways. They also prevent science from spectacular breakthroughs simply because research is often forbidden.

Especially in the Marxist European Union, the literally old world, were they prefer to see people dying instead of making a choice for, in their view, the “unethical” exploration and modification of our genes.

It’s a crime against humanity that politicians in totalitarian countries still hinder the ultimate unavoidable next step in human science. We will not let this happen.

The COVID-19 vaccine, based on until recently forbidden technology, now opens surprisingly the door to a complete new era of genetically based medicine and treatments.

The medical world is no longer about suppressing symptoms but correcting the underlying ill making disturbances in our genes.

There is no doubt that we are now moving to apply technologies used in the past by our extraterrestrial ancestors.

In 2003, the Human Genome Project was completed. During the build of our genetic roadmap, it emerged that, as some scientists believe, 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code originating from an unknown source that could be an extraterrestrial life form.

They call these non coding sequences junk DNA. Until today, it remains a mystery what the purpose is. It is believed that the overwhelming majority of human DNA is not from this world but created by some kind of extraterrestrial programmer.

Many scientists believe that higher extraterrestrial life forms were or are engaged in creating humans as we know on various planets. They are convinced that genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution.

It is just a matter of time that we have to come to grips with the unbelievable that life on Earth carries a genetic code from somewhere else in the Universe and that evolution is not what we think it is.

What’s left is how the extraterrestrial DNA was implemented. Was it through DNA manipulation or just sex?

In Genesis 6:2 we read: The “sons of God” then saw that these women were “attractive” and thus took them as their wives (Genesis 6:2).

No matter how it happened, we have to power of God in us. Human kind is on an unstoppable path of learning and improvements. We are more and more able to self improve our genetic make up. I do not see why this is something against God’s will.

COVID-19 might soon be gone with the wind

Is the last swan song for the Corona pandemic in sight? Experts now believe that COVID-19 is in its final days. At least in the United States, herd immunity can be achieved during summer.

Up to 30% of the population may already carry COVID-19 antibodies. The rest will be vaccinated by July.

This is wat Dr. Monica Gandhi of the University of California says.

Despite official numbers, suggesting 8.2% of all Americans have been infected, the real number is most likely three times higher and count for at least 30 % of the population have been infected.

To achieve herd immunity, another 40% of the citizens would have to be vaccinated.

Not all, but most scientists believe that at least 70 people will have to be immunized or infected before the United States faces real herd immunity.

The news comes as recently worldwide numbers have fallen.

Dr. Gandhi said that we’re gonna keep having natural infection, but we’d rather get there by vaccines. Its better to use a vaccin as people falling ill.

The dropping numbers don’t mask the fact that the number of deaths remain high as at the same time the other reality is that newly confirmed cases and hospitalizations dropped over the last several weeks.

Diplomatic row: EU not a serious country

As the totalitarian EU vehemently works on a proposal to introduce a vaccination passport, leaving numerous of sick citizens not eligible for the Corona jab cut off from society, the block got a serious blow as the UK denies a diplomatic status to the EU ambassador

In the meanwhile, there is growing fear in Brussels that other countries will follow the UK and leave as the block’s final day looms.

While the diplomatic row between the UK and EU deepens, Michel Barnier warns in a message other European countries not to leave the block.

Tensions are cumulating as the UK denies EU representative Joao Vale de Almeida the full diplomatic status that is usually granted to ambassadors.

The UK Foreign Office admits that the ambassador and other EU officials will not obtain the privileges and immunities granted to diplomats under the Vienna Convention.

‘Europe is not considered to be a country but just an organization’

As a result, EU diplomats would not enjoy the full protection of the Vienna Convention accord. Diplomats from real countries rely on this accord having immunity from detention, criminal jurisdiction and taxation. EU diplomats can end up in British jail and must pay taxes.

The totalitarian regime In Brussels is furious as the diplomatic representative is also not like other diplomats invited to present his credentials to the Queen.

The issue is on the table next week as EU foreign ministers meet for the first time since the post-Brexit transition. The EU’s point of view is that the matter is  not about privileges but principle.


World’s largest democracy is preparing for the unthinkable

Will President Trump do something that jeopardizes national security?

In the aftermath of the violent, despicable and appalling assault on the Capitol, Vice President Mike Pence has not ruled out to invoke the 25th Amendment. There is fear that President Trump can do something that brings the national security at stake.

Don’t believe everything that CNN aires but in case latest news is more than just damaging Trumps reputation, you’d better believe America and the rest of the world could be in danger as a furious President does something irrevocable.

Without COVID-19, Donald Trump certainly became next President of the United States. However, history unfolded in a different way.

COVID-19 ruined his bright and shiny legacy. Under, not seen before, severe media pressure, the government had few other options as sacrificing the economy to protect some very old people.

Such a weird thing never happened before. During comparable flu seasons governments always acted in a normal way.

Now we discovered quarantine. Despite quarantine evidently does not contribute to limit the spread of COVID-19, it unexpectedly changed into a worldwide tyranny.

I concur as protesters around the globe argue: Quarantine is sick people being locked up, not healthy.

This worldwide fatal mistake struck America as well. We all are trapped in a hoax. Look at the real numbers most media won’t disclose.

The mob that stormed the Capitol was not about a disputed election only. It was exploding anger over the Corona measures as well. Millions of people already lost their job and no end in sight.

As Trump was badly wrong with his words, his incitement of the violent crowd in Washington DC was an undisputable fatal mistake.

A year ago, no one could predict the events unfolding today.

The President achieved so much in the last four years. At the beginning of 2020, America’s economy was at an all-time high.

Don’t forget achievements as the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear pact and the confirmation of three Supreme Court justices.

Today, we live in a different reality. Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged the Vice President to declare Trump unfit for office. A second Trump impeachment is on the brink. We’ll see what happens.

So far, Mike Pence is keeping the decision to invoke the 25th Amendment very much on the table. Just in case, the President becomes more unstable in the days ahead.

I hope we don’t end up in a mess. Let’s protect democratic values and acknowledge the outcome of the elections, I am conservative but see no reason to refrain from wishing Joe Biden all the best.


Mike Pence kick-starts worldwide corona vaccination campaign

All of us will remember 2020 as an annus horribilis that struck the planet in a format not seen before.

As there is still no space for much spirituality during the holiday break, light at the end of the tunnel emerges as various vaccines to halt the spread of COVID-19 become available.

It was a great moment and a good example for other political leaders as this week US vice president Mike Pence received the corona virus vaccine live on TV and disclosed before a live audience “I didn’t feel a thing”

I believe, the world needs more politicians like Pence.

President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill will receive the vaccine on Monday.

We should not forget the great job President Trump did by arranging a military like operation to get a vaccine at warp speed.

Donald Trump who contracted coronavirus a couple of months ago completely recovered after a short hospital treatment. As many other ex- corona patients, the president carries antibodies that makes vaccination less urgent. However, he said he looked forward to get the jab “at the appropriate time”.

Since a substantial number of people have doubts about the efficacy and safety of the corona vaccines it would be great as political leaders in other countries do the same as the American leaders.

Let’s hope that more officials show their trust and courage. Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel do they have the guts to get the vaccine in front of TV cameras?

It’ll help to end the conspiracy theorist stories undermining the target level required for successful vaccination.

The sooner as a majority of the world population gets the vaccine, the earlier things might return to normal.

To all of you a prosperous “back to normal” 2021.