What the Mu!

Believe it or not, we have another one! The World Health Organization keeps the never ending Covid story alive with a new mutant.

The earlier this year discovered Mu variant is thought to be more severe and probably vaccine resistant. With autumn in the Northern hemisphere on the brink, another bounce of dark days is looming. The World Health Organization named the ‘Mu’ COVID-19 strain, B.1.621, “a variant of deep concern”

The vaccine evading Mu mutation is originating from Columbia. It was detected first in January this year and recently showed up in the United States and Europe. Larger outbreaks occurred in South America and Europe.
It is believed that Covid Mu was initially suppressed by the Delta variant. That’s why the number of cases is still going down. But as the Delta type eases, it makes room for Mu.

Over 4.600 cases of Covid Mu have now been mapped with a spread to more than 40 countries. So far, in the U.S. only, approximately 2.000 cases of the mutations are officially registered.

The WHO said there is an indication Covid Mu might be more infectious as well. Further, they emphasized that more intense studies are required but labelled the Mu mutation already as a “variant of interest”

It must be said that worldwide currently over 300 different Covid strains are registered. Authorities have a pot boiling over with tools to continue suppressing and controlling the world population for a seemingly endless period of time.

The most well known Covid variants of concern are at the moment Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the highly contagious Delta variant.

Mu is now the fifth variant that shares the position with newcomers as Eta, Iota, Kappa and Lambda.

Corona will stay with us at least until the end of 2023. Not earlier as in 2024 the situation in the world will stabilize. This prediction comes from leading immunology scientists. They warn that in the foreseeable future, the world should be on- going prepared to combat and eliminate new vaccine-resistant mutations”


As autumn nears the world almost definitely will go back into another lock down. Leaked papers from the German government show that the scenario for the most severe restrictions is on the table. So many new virus variants coming up.

The “battle” against the never ending virus mutations that still affects just a small number of people, is “lost” and with it, the world as it was.

The vaccines are not working, at least not in a way as promised at the time of introduction. A huge number of people already fully vaccinated get Corona and some of them severe. Look at Israel. But compared to the healthy majority of society, just a fraction.

Promises to the vaccinated regarding the abundance of restrictions are slowly but surely disappearing in thin air.

Even with the vaccine, social distancing, face masks and mass gatherings are becoming mandatory again. History (2020) will repeat it selves.

In America, nearly 40 percent of the US military rejects the jab. US president Joe Biden will now force these healthy young people to take the vaccine.  On August 3, nearly 50% of the American population have been fully vaccinated. I am not sure whether this link is working from Europe.


In Europe the number of fully vaccinated people is 60.90 %


Worldwide resistance against vaccination is mounting as the real protection turns out to be much lower as expected. And why vaccinate young children? Why deliberately undermine natural protection?

We never get out of this pandemic horror. At least not in the foreseeable future.

Isn’t it time to take the losses and get back to normal? It is proven, Corona measures are more a heavy burden for society as the virus it selves.

I regret that some people die but is it worth it to punish the big healthy majority with restrictive measures? Is it worth it to lock up athletes in quarantine as they test positive for Corona without having any symptoms at all? In some countries I was in quarantine, even with a negative test! It is terrible. In what kind of bad movie are we?

Traveling is a hell. It’s at every airport the same game. Long queues in labyrinths with masked travelers waiting for hours to reach the check in, security and passport control. Not to mention the administrative procedures regarding the health documents and declarations you are required to file for every country you are crossing separately. I am fed up. It’s a crime what they do to us.

Let’s get back to normal the soonest.

Viruses are part of life. Without viruses there is no life on this planet. Viruses play an essential role in keeping things going. Yes, people can get sick but on the other hand, viruses play an unmissable part in keeping us healthy. They clean up cancer cells, restore organs and far more.

I believe the massive vaccination programs are undermining our natural defense. It is a very dangerous game governments are playing.  Since the approach to Corona is in every country the same, it looks like a worldwide conspiracy. Who or what is behind it?


US Army revolt: Troops threaten to quit if the Covid jab becomes mandatory

Why vaccinate young, strong and healthy people as many of them already had Corona one way or another or just not susceptible for the virus. Most of the military is without symptoms at all.

Efforts to prevent forced vaccinations in the military are under siege by Democrats.

Republican Thomas Massie warned that U.S. troops will quit if forced to vaccinate.

Massie is fighting for the U.S. military after a massive outreach against the jab. In a tweet he said that Democrats have attacked his recent proposal to ban forced vaccinations of U.S. troops.

The congressman added he introduced bill HR 3860 to outlaw vaccine mandates in the military, which has been already backed by dozens of lawmakers.

Unrest is mounting after reports claimed Joe Biden’s Pentagon might require vaccination for U.S. troops by September.

Maddie said service members reached out to him and warned of their resignation if vaccination mandates were to happen.

“They want everybody to get vaccinated, even those who don’t need vaccinated,” he asserted. “If you followed the science, the Moderna trial showed there was no benefit of the vaccine to those who recovered from infection. The Pfizer trial showed there was no benefit to those who had from infection from the vaccine.”

It is feared that vaccination deserters will face court martial. The HR 3860 bill should prevent this.

From the beginning, the whole Covid-19 vaccination thing is surrounded with question marks.

It remains a mystery how it could happen that the development of a new vaccine took just 4 months of development. This followed by no more than another 4 months of testing. The normal procedure to get an approval takes years and years. In the good old normal days such practices were branded as medical experiments.


EU Identity Wallet, A step closer to the Mark of the Beast

Last week, The European Commission launched, for many out of the blue, a new digital identity wallet. It allows citizens in the bloc to prove their identity anywhere and easily access an endless variety of services via their mobile phones.It is the all-in-one solution.

From covering the service to file tax returns, getting access to universities to opening and maintain bank accounts.

In the very near future, the regime can remotely activate and deactivate driving licenses at the blink of an eye, enable or disable voting rights during elections and even trading through the internet can only happen with the use of this EU turbo ID only.

At the end of the day, web shops will be forced to accept the EU wallet as the only approved access key. Evil governments can prevent citizens without a digital wallet, from using a variety of internet services.

Despite the super ID is not mandatory at the moment, it’s not a matter of if but when people cannot buy or sell, let’s say live a life as today, without this digital tool.

For the EU’s 450 million inhabitants, life will change dramatically. This latest act from the European commission is so far the most clear and recognizable move towards the mark of the beast as described in the Holy Bible.

The EU commission emphasized that “people will be able to choose which aspects of their identity, data and certificates they share with third parties” But that’s a promise for the moment and no future guarantee.

Many are in shock and disbelieve as the EU wants to concentrate all identity aspects by installing this turbo ID app in all smartphones.

After installation, the super ID app will be the only key to easily move forward.

As always when it comes to dictatorial measures, the EU is in a tremendous hurry.

Within less than two or certainly no more than three years, the citizens of Europe will get their personal digital ID containing almost all men need to live the daily life. No escape and place to hide as WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC and other systems are continuously spying on all citizens and read/ write from and to the wallet.

Nothing to hide? What about health insurances as they get access to almost everything you do.

However, privacy is not the biggest issue. It is shameless suppression.

As over the years traditional methods to identify yourself will become obsolete, the digital super ID is the only key left.

It gives governments the power to punish and manipulate citizens in an instance by switching off or reconfigure the digital wallet.

At the time that happens you can lose the ability to travel, purchase daily needs and loose your -by many so beloved- digital money.

This turbo ID is sophisticated state control. It makes it possible to revoke your driving license at once or deny access to public transport. Time will come you can not start your car with a remotely (temporarily) disabled license.

It is the ultimate tool to force everybody to stay at home.

We now enter the “crowd control” era. Forced evacuations, the use of mandatory medical services, starvation as bank accounts are disabled and wiping out the right to vote.

Let there be no doubt that with this latest project, the EU has set a very dangerous unprecedented land mark opening the door to something that can end up in a never seen criminal conspiracy against humanity.

This high tech Juden Star overrules all the world has seen so far. The moment is near that without this monster ID some humans are completely stigmatized and isolated from society. No access to any service without this turbo ID.

Are conspiracy theorists right? Is this turbo ID the Mark of the Beast?

Privacy watchers warned from the beginning for misuse of the Corona pandemic to introduce totalitarian state controlled systems. Many people laughed at the scaremongering.

The Digital EU ID is unmistakably the first step to the final count down. The last Swan Song of freedom.

I am sure this ID turns out to be a time marker in human history. Evil governments can use it gratefully as an excuse for the ultimate step into the new normal. And not to forget criminals and terrorists who can manipulate and abuse the data stored in the wallet.

How sad it is. Citizens of Europe slip sliding into a state controlled reality that definitely will change life forever. No way back.

The plan is introduced at record speed. EU member states are asked to set up the technical system and guidelines underpinning the scheme by September next year. They start the preparatory work immediately.

Politicians outside the bloc warn that the EU is “turning fast into a huge concentration camp ran by Eurocrats. Nothing less than a Big Brother Centralized System”

It becomes more and more clear that the main goal of the “pandemic” goes far beyond conquering a virus that after all is far from bad as projected. The new control nightmare has begun and will stay forever.

It is implemented in a manner, through coercion without debate or our consideration. That’s the way the EU operates.

Pets, pigs, cows, birds and even crocodiles are already injected with a chip containing identity data. It’s now humanities turn.

The worldwide Covid vaccination program is weird. It is unprecedented that young, healthy humans with natural antibodies need to be vaccinated. I believe it is to create vaccination slavery in an overall climate that makes it easier to inject humanity with the ID wallet, the EU Wallet RFID chip. In America, resistance against vaccine passports is growing. Over half a dozen states prohibit the use of this type of identification.


Another reason for vaccinating all people is that dark forces want to ruin humanities natural anti body system and replace it by yearly vaccinations. By creating a random vaccination dependence all citizens become slaves of the authorities, not capable to fight against the smallest infections without a vaccine.

The Bible warns us about things unfolding in front of our very eyes and the unforgivable sin by accepting the Mark of the Beast.

According to Revelation no man will be able to buy or sell without the mark.  Any man” who receives the mark in his forehead or in his hand shall “drink of the wine of the wrath of God” and “shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb” forever and forever! Exactly 100% of all people who take the “Mark of the Beast” shall — not perhaps or maybe — be tormented in fire and brimstone forever and forever.

Thank God that governments have no authority over our souls.

Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.



Mass vaccination can be worthless as new COVID- 19 mutations evade the immune system

It’s a tragedy unfolding in India as amid a significant surge in Corona cases, more severe COVID- 19 mutations strike. Scientists are working overtime to figure out what’s going on.

It seems a never ending story. We are now over a year from the beginning of this pandemic and no end in sight.

Today, India is one of the most effected countries. Indian virologists warned that despite being vaccinated,  some COVID mutations can possibly can evade immune responses.

This is also alarming news for Europe.

Europeans better prepare for things to come as they are genetically close to Indians.

Without providing any specifics, celebrated Indian virologist Shahid Jameel warned of very small mutations in some COVID- 19 variants that “could possibly evade immune responses”

The hunt for more severe variants is on going and the aim of top scientists is to culture those extra dangerous strains for further investigations in the lab. Scientists are figuring out whether mutations of the most recent B.1.617 variant play a part in the sudden rise hospitalizations and deaths.

Jameel: “We flagged the mutations and keep our eye on the ball”

The World Health Organization is often behind reality and it is no surprise they refused so far to declare the Indian strain as a variant of concern.

But what we know for sure is that on the contrary of the first Corona waves, the latest variant is creating a major health crisis all over India. It’s an unseen surge since the beginning of the pandemic.