We already know that there is something faster than the speed of light. That our teachers and for God sake Einstein was wrong in his statement there is absolutely nothing faster than light. Now we know better. Quantum physics revealed that no matter how far e.g. photons are separated from each other, they can communicate instantly. Faster than the speed of light.

And now another revelation has shocked scientists. Our universe is NOT expanding. At least scientifically spoken, there is no hard evidence that it is.

It is less than 5 years ago that astronomers were literally praised into heaven and honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics for what was called their discovery in the late 90’s that our universe is expanding at an accelerating speed.

Thanks to the Hubble space telescope and large earth based telescopes, astronomers were able to analyze a spectacular thermonuclear explosion of dying stars. The accelerating expansion they recognized led to the common acceptance of the idea that the universe is dominated by a mysterious substance the so called dark energy.

Today far more data is available as in the old days. Currently, a team of scientists led by Professor Subir Sarkar of Oxford University’s Department of Physics has cast doubt on this standard dark energy accelerating expansion concept.

Making use of a vastly increased data set – a catalogue of 740 Type Ia supernovae, more than ten times big as the original sample size – the researchers decided that the evidence for acceleration may be less hard than previously thought, with the data being consistent with a constant rate of expansion.

Today “dark energy” is seen as a cosmological constant and therefore THE standard model of cosmology.

The much bigger database now available as in the late nineties wipes out earlier conclusions based on a studies not meeting nowadays demands regarding fundamental significance.

According to Professor Sarkar, other data like the cosmic microwave background as a residue from the Big Bang that seems to support the early accelerating expansion of the universe findings is based on indirect tests in assumed models and not immediately influenced by dark energy.

One cannot rule out that we are being misled and that the apparent manifestation of dark energy is a consequence of analyzing data in an oversimplified theoretical model that was in fact constructed in the 1930s, long before there was any real data.

Professor Sarkar admits: ‘Naturally, a lot of work will be necessary to convince the physics community of this, but our work serves to demonstrate that a key pillar of the standard cosmological model is rather shaky.

Deutsche bank on the brink of total failure. Cannot pay U.S. fine. Dutch Internet payment system IDEAL crippled ?

Today Deutsche Bank shares are tumbling over 3 percent as fear grows that the institute is not able to pay a looming fine of $ 14 billion from US authorities.

This after selling a massive amount of misleading mortgages products in America.

In case Deutsche bank goes into failure, the Dutch daughter Internet pay system IDEAL might become inactive leaving many thousands of companies and clients in the Netherlands in complete chaos.

A bank crash not seen since 2009 looms as Chief executive John Cryan did not manage to negotiate a lower fine with the Justice department.

Today Investors are massively turning their back to the bank triggering a desperate situation with possibly serious consequences for the Euro and Europe. They fear that the bank is unable to pay the fine and will go into hibernation or worse.

Deutsche bank has publicly insisted it “has no intent” to pay anywhere near as much as the sum demanded by the US officials. They suggested “just walking out of America” to avoid the payment.

And there is more. Deutsche Bank is also in line for further cash penalties related to other past wrongdoings.

It’s a pity that this is only about fines and not jail terms for the very people that caused the massive misleading practices.

I believe the German government will not and cannot help the troubled bank since not so long ago Mrs. Merkel criticized similar government support for a big Italian institute.

And it should be weird if Germans, or even more terrible, European tax payers are charged to help Deutsche Bank paying their criminal fines abroad.

Who is the biggest tax evader?

Now we know it for sure. No mistake about it. The biggest tax evader is not Donald Trump. It’s Hillary! You know why? That’s because she is a robot! Robots don’t pay taxes, do they?

Conspiracy theorists believe that Hillary Clinton is a robot after she was seen clapping “like a robot”.

This new upheaval comes after the presidential nominee didn’t make it to the car as a result as what is now seen as an incident caused by empty batteries. It is rumored that during the walk to the car her batteries were completely discharged.

And now she kept stabbing in the clap mode. One of the Republican party campaign teams was tweeting: “Watch this video – it proves Hillary is a robot. “Hillary just keeps clapping and clapping.”

There is more. Earlier Mrs. Clinton has been accused of being a robot as during her first televised debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump she was photographed with what looks like to be an electronic wire trailing down her back underneath her jacket.

The bulky device is now considered to be a battery pack. The Federal Electoral Commission refused to rule out the use of communications devices by politicians. So what possibility is left?

A Twitter user remarked: “It was a water-based battery pack that helped power the Hillary robot!!! And instructions were in a folder on her lectern!”

And last but not least, last year, Mrs. Clinton herself joked with a reporter in an interview that fact she is a robot.

Hillary: “You guys are the first to realize that I’m really not even a human being. I was constructed in a garage in Palo Alto a very long time ago.”