Raging fear for a devastating virus

Planet Earth is running out of resources and the environment is on the brink of collapse.

Is a worldwide (clean up) disaster looming?

Some scientists who believe in the self-recuperating forces of nature think that it is only a matter of time that some event, a meteorite, earthquakes, volcanos or a wide spread illness will cause mass extinction and reset the planet.

The corona virus type as emerged in China can wipe out a substantial part of the world population. The economic consequences are tremendous but the planet can breathe again.

What makes the current outbreak of the so called Wuhan coronavirus so dangerous and potentially unbeatable is that the virus can spread by humans before they show any symptoms.

Patients with earlier types of the deadly coronavirus, like Sars and and Ebola are only contagious when symptoms appear.

That makes it relatively easier to identify and isolate patients in an early stage as symptoms appear.

The Wuhan corona virus is an entirely different challenge.

The absence of early symptoms will make the job of the authorities much more difficult.

As the China death number is rising and hospitals overcrowded with sick people, many cities in the affected areas are in total lockdown.

Shops are empty, no food, pharmacists running out of medicine and public transport on hold. It is also forbidden to use your car and drive.

To fight the spread of the virus, authorities expect that travel restrictions will increase to a larger area and widen to an international level.

This all could be enough to cause initially shortages, famine and end up in a worldwide economic crisis never seen before. During the past couple of days, Oil prices fell more than 10 dollar. What’s now going on might end society as we know it.

Surprisingly it can silence the climate terror and put politicians back to reality with both feet on the ground and open eyes for the real threats.

It is a widespread belief that viruses come from outer space.

They hide in meteorites.

As a result, the first affected beings are outdoor living animals.

At a certain stage, the virus mutates and jumps over to the human population. A major (expected) outbreak of a deadly disease that decreases the world population is already overdue.

This might be the one.



Genetically improved battle machines

What an exciting development to begin the New Year. Future warfare as we’ve never seen before.

Defeat the enemy with unbeatable genetically modified super soldiers!

Scientists from DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency) made an approach to the American Army to genetically edit troops to make them better resistant to diseases, chemical and biological attacks.

Crispr gene editing allow scientists to alter one’s DNA by cutting, copying and pasting DNA codes at certain locations in the human genome. The result is a better performing and resistant human body.

So far, DARPA already invested 65 million dollar in the gene-editing research program.

Sources disclose that it is only a matter of time until genetically modified troops are real.

Several government-funded DNA scientists admit that their findings could be useful to improve the resistance of the army and therefore targeting to aid the US military.

According to DARPA director Steven H. Walker, his agency is proactive seeking ways to create sustainable soldiers. “It is all about protecting soldiers from disease, chemical or biological warfare agents by modifying soldier’s genetics”

Walker denied that his aim is creating super soldiers. “It is just turning the human body into an antibody factory”

He emphasizes: “You can use these technologies for good, or you can use them for evil. DARPA is nothing else as using this technology for good purposes to protect our warfighters”

We accept vaccination and other types of medical preventive acts. Genetic engineering is just a new step in the unstoppable development of science.

However, gene editing is still highly controversial. Last month a doctor in China modified genetic material to prevent children from getting HIV. He is sentenced to a 3-year prison term.