Diplomatic row: EU not a serious country

As the totalitarian EU vehemently works on a proposal to introduce a vaccination passport, leaving numerous of sick citizens not eligible for the Corona jab cut off from society, the block got a serious blow as the UK denies a diplomatic status to the EU ambassador

In the meanwhile, there is growing fear in Brussels that other countries will follow the UK and leave as the block’s final day looms.

While the diplomatic row between the UK and EU deepens, Michel Barnier warns in a message other European countries not to leave the block.

Tensions are cumulating as the UK denies EU representative Joao Vale de Almeida the full diplomatic status that is usually granted to ambassadors.

The UK Foreign Office admits that the ambassador and other EU officials will not obtain the privileges and immunities granted to diplomats under the Vienna Convention.

‘Europe is not considered to be a country but just an organization’

As a result, EU diplomats would not enjoy the full protection of the Vienna Convention accord. Diplomats from real countries rely on this accord having immunity from detention, criminal jurisdiction and taxation. EU diplomats can end up in British jail and must pay taxes.

The totalitarian regime In Brussels is furious as the diplomatic representative is also not like other diplomats invited to present his credentials to the Queen.

The issue is on the table next week as EU foreign ministers meet for the first time since the post-Brexit transition. The EU’s point of view is that the matter is  not about privileges but principle.


World’s largest democracy is preparing for the unthinkable

Will President Trump do something that jeopardizes national security?

In the aftermath of the violent, despicable and appalling assault on the Capitol, Vice President Mike Pence has not ruled out to invoke the 25th Amendment. There is fear that President Trump can do something that brings the national security at stake.

Don’t believe everything that CNN aires but in case latest news is more than just damaging Trumps reputation, you’d better believe America and the rest of the world could be in danger as a furious President does something irrevocable.

Without COVID-19, Donald Trump certainly became next President of the United States. However, history unfolded in a different way.

COVID-19 ruined his bright and shiny legacy. Under, not seen before, severe media pressure, the government had few other options as sacrificing the economy to protect some very old people.

Such a weird thing never happened before. During comparable flu seasons governments always acted in a normal way.

Now we discovered quarantine. Despite quarantine evidently does not contribute to limit the spread of COVID-19, it unexpectedly changed into a worldwide tyranny.

I concur as protesters around the globe argue: Quarantine is sick people being locked up, not healthy.

This worldwide fatal mistake struck America as well. We all are trapped in a hoax. Look at the real numbers most media won’t disclose.

The mob that stormed the Capitol was not about a disputed election only. It was exploding anger over the Corona measures as well. Millions of people already lost their job and no end in sight.

As Trump was badly wrong with his words, his incitement of the violent crowd in Washington DC was an undisputable fatal mistake.

A year ago, no one could predict the events unfolding today.

The President achieved so much in the last four years. At the beginning of 2020, America’s economy was at an all-time high.

Don’t forget achievements as the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear pact and the confirmation of three Supreme Court justices.

Today, we live in a different reality. Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged the Vice President to declare Trump unfit for office. A second Trump impeachment is on the brink. We’ll see what happens.

So far, Mike Pence is keeping the decision to invoke the 25th Amendment very much on the table. Just in case, the President becomes more unstable in the days ahead.

I hope we don’t end up in a mess. Let’s protect democratic values and acknowledge the outcome of the elections, I am conservative but see no reason to refrain from wishing Joe Biden all the best.


Mike Pence kick-starts worldwide corona vaccination campaign

All of us will remember 2020 as an annus horribilis that struck the planet in a format not seen before.

As there is still no space for much spirituality during the holiday break, light at the end of the tunnel emerges as various vaccines to halt the spread of COVID-19 become available.

It was a great moment and a good example for other political leaders as this week US vice president Mike Pence received the corona virus vaccine live on TV and disclosed before a live audience “I didn’t feel a thing”

I believe, the world needs more politicians like Pence.

President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill will receive the vaccine on Monday.

We should not forget the great job President Trump did by arranging a military like operation to get a vaccine at warp speed.

Donald Trump who contracted coronavirus a couple of months ago completely recovered after a short hospital treatment. As many other ex- corona patients, the president carries antibodies that makes vaccination less urgent. However, he said he looked forward to get the jab “at the appropriate time”.

Since a substantial number of people have doubts about the efficacy and safety of the corona vaccines it would be great as political leaders in other countries do the same as the American leaders.

Let’s hope that more officials show their trust and courage. Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel do they have the guts to get the vaccine in front of TV cameras?

It’ll help to end the conspiracy theorist stories undermining the target level required for successful vaccination.

The sooner as a majority of the world population gets the vaccine, the earlier things might return to normal.

To all of you a prosperous “back to normal” 2021.






Spectacular scientific anti-aging breakthrough in Korea

We can stop aging by switching off the crucial enzyme responsible for cellular senescence.

Scientific research shows that we are a step closer to a longer and healthier physical life. It looks like science is able to reverse the so far unavoidable natural aging process of cell tissue.

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) made this exiting news public.

KAIST scientists explained that simulations show that we can stop and reverse cellular senescence.

They investigated the enzyme called PDK1 in incubated senescent skin fibroblasts and three-dimensional skin equivalent tissue models.

The important findings by the team brings a closer look into the very complex mechanism of cellular senescence and present a potential therapeutic strategy to tackle age-related diseases associated with the accumulation of senescent cells.

Enzyme PDK1 plays a key role. This enzyme is crucial as it comes to the aging process of cells.  The researchers discovered that blocking PDK1 would lead to the inhibition of two downstream signaling molecules, which in turn restore the cells’ ability to enter back into the cell cycle. Notably, the cells retained their capacity to regenerate wounded skin without proliferating in a way that could lead to malignant transformation.

Professor Kwang-Hyun about the findings: “Our research opens the door for a new generation that perceives aging as a reversible biological phenomenon”

Cells have the ability to responding to a variety of factors, such as oxidative stress, DNA damage, and shortening of the telomeres capping the ends of chromosomes, by entering a stable and persistent exit from the cell cycle.

This cellular senescence is unmissable because it prevents damaged cells from proliferating and turning into cancer cells.

On the other hand, this natural process plays a dominant part to aging and particularly age related diseases.

The research show undebatable evidence that we can reverse cellular senescence.

However, the laboratory approaches used thus far also impair tissue regeneration or have the potential to trigger malignant transformations.

The scientists recommend further investigations in organs and organisms to determine the full impact of PDK1 inhibition. Since the gene that codes for PDK1 is overexpressed in some cancers, the scientists expect that inhibiting it will have both anti-aging and anti-cancer effects.


Even after COVID, life will never be the same

The numbers show it over and over again, COVID-19 is no worse as a seasonal flu.

Last week, WHO figures confirmed again that the number of Corona casualties is less than in many “ordinary” flu seasons in the years gone by.

Fact: There never was a seasonal flu without hospitalizations and people dying. Elderly patients die of side effects. This is normal but nowadays considered as not normal.

Even young people can die as they suffer an underlying health condition.

And many cases, in which patients did not show any health issues before, were afterwards explained with a possible hidden condition that contributed to the fatality.

The medical service can’t cope with the current crisis. That’s true.

Not because of large demand from sick patients but the huge number of employees on sick leave. As in the past doctors and nurses with a runny nose and cough stayed at work, now they are at home in self- quarantine. This is leading to no other conclusion as the “pressure” on hospital staff is widely fabricated.  ICU’s in many hospitals are empty.

It is a shame and crime that our lives are now based on a COVID lie that nobody seems to be able to stop. Is it worth it to ruin the life of many healthy people and destroy economies just to save the life of a relatively small number of old patients that also during a “normal” flu season end up in hospitals or die?

I am not a conspiracy theorist but we need not much fantasy to conclude that something dark came to this world.

The mass media don’t have the guts to ask critical questions.  Why? The MSM ignore the real facts and numbers. Why is this not part of the story? On the contrary, without real facts, journalists pump up the pressure on politicians to impose even stronger restrictions and further destroy the quality of life.

Do not forget that we deal with something that is known for generations, hundreds of years and we never shied from it. We accepted that the flu was something unavoidable as a part of life.

Over the past nine months, something weird happened. Governments round the globe abused the virus quite deliberately to reduce once gutsy and stoical people to a state of terror.

It is becoming more and more provable that the Corona talk in de media is junk. Again, the “official” figures simply do not compute. We are informed about positive Corona tests not informed about real sick patients. There is no other conclusion than we are being lied to.

Corona is no pandemic, the Spanish Flu, with over 100 million casualties, was.

As future viruses are looming, the future is bleak. We are already prepared for this dark future as politicians warn us that we never will get back to normal. State terror will be in place as governments take away our freedom.

There is no other explanation as a dark agenda behind it. As more upheaval is on the horizon, Corona could be the trigger of the big tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation, The Apocalypse of John.







Figures show that the linear TV audience (traditional TV broadcasting) is fed up with the ongoing scaremongering about a virus that’s proven less fatal as the seasonal flu.

As they don’t stop bringing bad news about Corona, major TV networks round the globe are now facing a major decline in viewing rates as never seen before.

More and more people know it for sure. For a better sleep, turn off your TV.

It emerged that so far in 2020 the open network viewing rates dropped catastrophically as audiences massively turn their back to the bad news spreading mainstream media.

A media researcher explained: “It seems that viewers are getting sick and tired about project fear. They have had enough of the never-ending and often misleading information.

The Corona message on TV is dominated by a lack of critical questions in news and talk shows. There is no solid explanation to key questions”

Nationwide networks, broadcasting over the air and cable don’t refrain even a split second from keeping the COVID-19 pandemic alive. This despite a relatively low number of fatalities.

The result is that an increasing number of viewers evade the mainstream news, cut the cord and choose for streaming Video On Demand (VOD)

The worldwide traditional TV over the air and cable market (pay TV included) slowed already over the past few years in favor of video consumption through online streaming.

The Covid-19 misinformation hype is now accelerating the outflow of viewers.

The media researcher: “Viewers increasingly are aware that something is wrong. They realize that the real Corona numbers are not different compared to earlier flu outbreaks. There is no sufficient justification for the new normal”

After months of scaremongering, they now have the feeling that the severity of the virus in real life is far from bad as projected on Television. This results in higher streaming VOD churn in many markets”

In North America, operators with linear pay TV services reported a loss of more than 2 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

Another reason for the cord-cutting rise is that sport events are cancelled. For many sports fans a good reason to cancel their (pay-tv) packages.

There is a little spark of hope.

Although Covid-19 has dented the linear TV market, the deep loss of viewers is likely to be temporary. That’s what experts say.

When sport events resume, fans are likely to go back to their regular non-streaming TV services.