What an exciting development to begin the New Year. Future warfare as we’ve never seen before.

Defeat the enemy with unbeatable genetically modified super soldiers!

Scientists from DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency) made an approach to the American Army to genetically edit troops to make them better resistant to diseases, chemical and biological attacks.

Crispr gene editing allow scientists to alter one’s DNA by cutting, copying and pasting DNA codes at certain locations in the human genome. The result is a better performing and resistant human body.

So far, DARPA already invested 65 million dollar in the gene-editing research program.

Sources disclose that it is only a matter of time until genetically modified troops are real.

Several government-funded DNA scientists admit that their findings could be useful to improve the resistance of the army and therefore targeting to aid the US military.

According to DARPA director Steven H. Walker, his agency is proactive seeking ways to create sustainable soldiers. “It is all about protecting soldiers from disease, chemical or biological warfare agents by modifying soldier’s genetics”

Walker denied that his aim is creating super soldiers. “It is just turning the human body into an antibody factory”

He emphasizes: “You can use these technologies for good, or you can use them for evil. DARPA is nothing else as using this technology for good purposes to protect our warfighters”

We accept vaccination and other types of medical preventive acts. Genetic engineering is just a new step in the unstoppable development of science.

However, gene editing is still highly controversial. Last month a doctor in China modified genetic material to prevent children from getting HIV. He is sentenced to a 3-year prison term.