It is game over and all financial insiders are aware of it.

While humanity is facing an unprecedented medical emergency, we are now heading towards a financial crisis the world never saw before. The 2008 financial crisis is just a shadow of things to come.

Like prisoners with a death sentence, as they know that they are going to die, during the last weeks, financial markets tried desperately to continue celebrating their big party.

As de markets put up the pressure, Central Banks printing machines are working in overdrive mode and pump up liquidity with the purchase of government bonds and cheap money for the banking system. The CB’s exacerbate the situation for savers, pension funds en the daily customer.

Many financial experts believe that this is the Central Banks last swan song. It is the final act that will lead to the annihilation of the worldwide financial system and rob consumers from their money and savings. It is doubtful that the extra cash will save or create jobs.

Before the crisis, interest rates already sunk below the bottom line and financial markets still will not face the truth that now it’s finally over. There is no role for the banks since this is not a liquidity problem but massive failure of demand.

Despite this, Central Banks round the globe don’t stop ruining our financial future as never seen before.

Limitless printing money is stealing from all us. Our money devaluates every minute. How can it be that small groups of bankers do this without an underlying democratic political process?

As money in the bank is disappearing in thin air, one of the last resorts to invest, real estate, is also expect to plunge.

In recent years, real estate prices soar to surreal heights creating massive devastation, as ordinary people have to spend more and more on housing cost.

But not for long anymore. Unemployment figures will rise sharply and many tenants will be unable to pay the rent.

On the main continent of Europe several countries are studying substantial cash transfers to individuals.

In the United States, the Trump administration is considering to issue 1000 dollar checks to all American households.

The United Kingdom is fighting against the chaos with a proposal for the temporary rollout of universal basic income.

Further, the British government is supporting tenants and property owners.

Not paying the rent in time will from now on not lead to an immediate eviction and landlords get relief on paying back on their mortgage.

However, will this be enough?

On the main continent of Europe, several countries are studying substantial cash transfers to individuals.

Despite all the measures, it seems there is no escape from the financial Armageddon we are in. What the CB’s and politicians left behind is a tremendous global debt and destroyed financial future. At the end of the day, all of us literary will pay the price. Rich and poor.

There is no monetary medicine for this unprecedented worldwide medical emergency, or a safe place to hide.

At the same time, the weakness of the healthcare systems emerges. No government is able to deal with a medical crisis like this.

An unfolding tragedy as an unforeseen force is overruling the financial madness and dictatorship of politicians during the last decades. It is nasty, scary and interesting as well.