Why do scientists need weeks to determine the Omicron virus severity as we already know that, so far, most people that tested positive for Omicron suffer just minor symptoms or even have no complaints at all.

Isn’t it time to stop paralyzing the world with overdone measures and causing catastrophic economical damage. The world wide restriction goes in over drive mode as Germany and other countries make vaccination mandatory.

At the same time it is proven science that the jab is not working. Some governments decreased the validity of the jab to a 3 to 6 months period. Boosters will not change that. This is unacceptable.

Further we know for almost two years, and scientists admit, that masks don’t stop the spread of viruses. Wearing a mask has become a political statement.

What happens is surrealistic.

It is from a different world to lock up healthy people with a positive test. For a virus that hardly causes damage, this is crazy and criminal.

Locking up or staying at home directives contributes almost nothing as most humans with a cold –just like we did in the good old normal times- do not test and get on with the things they do.

With similar viruses in the past we never did a test. But undoubtedly massive testing helps governments to keep the hoax alive. So many positive tests and almost none of the patient’s seriously ill.

Yes hospitals have problems. These are not triggered by the number of Corona/ Flu cases but artificially created by the obligation that all employees, even with just minor symptoms are forced to stay at home. And there is the price of under investment. These are the real causes of hospital’s underperformance.

What will happen if something really serious occurs? A pandemic as the Spanish Flu with 50 to 100 million deaths. Or a sudden exponential worldwide spread of Ebola.

I am not against vaccination but I believe it is unacceptable and a high risk to press the entire population to take the jab. In history only old and weak patient’s were vaccinated. That’s logic. There is no logic to inoculate the (very) young and healthy.

Instead of protecting, the vaccines weaken our immune system.

I believe it is wrong to evade the flu or catching a cold. Our natural self defense system needs it learning to deal with viruses. What happens is an undermining, sneaky attack to our immune system.

We are forced to surrender our natural immune system to the governments. It’s vaccination slavery. This is the great tribulation unfolding.

The jab is not or just a little effective. In care homes with a near 100 percent vaccination rate, up to 20 % of the patients still die of Corona. This is nothing new. Every flu season the life of elderly people ends. And some young ones with an underlying illness or just bad genes. The World Health Organisation admits that vaccination is not the way out. WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned vaccinated people for a “false sense of security”

Instead of drawing the honest conclusion that the vaccines don’t do the job or at least a little, governments push society to get even more – very probably not working- jabs.

They lied to us about the effectiveness. In a growing number of countries the validity of inoculations is deteriorating.  Boosters won’t change that. It is absolutely unacceptable and unbearable to booster four times in a year.  Since we do not know the long term impact, it is a reckless act as well.

All honest scientists know that without all those crazy rules the virus was already gone. Mutations show up as the virus seeks desperately alternative routes to get on. Let the virus do the job.

The world government, I believe it’s a coup, decided in the very beginning to overrule our own immunity system in making it a state controlled matter. No herd immunity but controlling the virus by restrictions and vaccination.

It is wrong and doubtful to vaccinate healthy adults and young children with a substance we do not now the long term effects. This ends up in vaccination slavery. People are no longer allowed to defend viruses the natural way; they are pressed to use the state’s vaccination service. If not, your normal life is over.

I always said this never ends. It is a worldwide conspiracy. Even not knowing the impact of new mutations, the WHO calls every so called Corona variant “a mutation of deep concern”

Talking about evil manipulation.

Economies and livelyhoods are destructed and state debts sky rocketing. Inflation explodes through scarcity as employees with just a minor symptoms are forced to stay at home.

It is disgusting to switch off and betray society this way. Think of all those disabled people with hardly any symptoms locked up in their care home rooms and healthy people in hotel prison chambers guarded by military police.

In case of an escape, they put Corona rule violators, like bank robbers and murderers, on the Interpol hit list. How low can we go! And how said for the great people taking care of the law enforcement. They have the duty to defend and enforce highly controversial laws.

Nowadays you don’t need to commit a crime to get house arrest and a wrist band.

What a relief that more and more citizens become aware what is really going on. I believe good ultimately prevails over evil.  Yes, something is terribly wrong. Living evidence are social media. Why do they wipe out different opinions? In the past, politicians and media representatives always said that a real democracy can bear voices from the opposite. I am not supporting conspiracy theorists but I just see what’s happening. And many things earlier considered as conspiracy theorist vocabulary are now materializing.

Freedom of speech is over. At the same time deliberate economic mass destruction, inflation, and massive monetary theft through central banks as they continue limitless printing money is the new normal.

So many people brainwashed by the mainstream media. Most journalists refrain from asking the right and hard questions. Instead they bluntly support on going lies or half truth opinions about Corona. The press turned into a dirty and dark movement not serving real human interest at all.

May God help the poor and suffering people.

The ones on the verge of committing suicide. In government’s eyes, it seems acceptable that Corona measures kill healthy people. This for restrictions to keep the old and weak alive and a wrongly organized healthcare system on the air.

Are there any Christians left? What we see are mainly Christians in name but not in practice. They call themselves Christian but are definitely not.

Old books like the bible and Quran learn us about the times we’ve now entered. It is a vast cosmic law that ultimately good prevails over evil. All politicians, journalists and other liars that do this to humanity will sooner or later face justice.

Corona politics are worldwide copy past. It has all the ingredients of a worldwide coup. Since not one single human can be held responsible, it as an evil influence that hit all of us. We talk about mass suggestion fueled through a hidden dark force behind it. No way to escape. No country with the old normal. How sad can it be.

God bless you all.