There was a time in The Netherlands extreme left wing parties like the Socialistische Partij (S.P.) were strictly prohibited. Party members of (neo) communist movements were not eligible for jobs with a security risk like the Police and e.g. the postal service PTT.

But nowadays we live in different times and people with left radical opinions are operating in the forefront of society. Not hindered by any intellectual abilities they are spreading their sometimes weird thoughts.

Regarding health care issues, I believe the Dutch S.P. is a real danger to society. Scientific developments like DNA research are blocked by irrational motives and lies. Therefore the Dutch people should realize that with the S.P. in the Government, life expectancy of thousands of patients, especially poor people that cannot afford seeking treatment abroad, is at stake.

Further to this, the ultra-left wing socialists simply do not understand that the restrictions on e.g. IVF treatments are useless since patients, who can afford it, go abroad to get what they want. Particularly to determine the sex of a newborn child S.P. health care specialist Van Gerven prefers abortion above laboratory techniques. He prefers murder above sex selection in the lab. Van Gerven blackmails me personally with the threat to continue slandering as long as my IVF websites are alive. I believe he should be jailed for that.

Like extreme right, extreme left wing parties, thank God for that, have no endurance. It’s members are often under educated and, as we know, have little ability to understand how society works.

On the brink of new elections in Holland early next year, last week it was no one less than talking Teddy Bear Emiel Roemer on the hit list from some party members. They leaked anonymously information to a newspaper that Roemer is not fit for the job and should leave.

The S.P. is like a sect. Members have to follow the party doctrine and keep quiet. Additional to this, they even are obliged transferring a significant sum of their income to the party.

After the leaking incident, it was of no surprise, that instantly an interrogation followed, comparable like the way it goes at a nursery school.

Under threat of punishment, one by one, party members were questioned by Mr. Roemer himself to find out who has spoken so bluntly and broke with the party line that dictates that everybody involved should keep their mouth shut.

After all, no verdict. Most damage is, Mr. Roemer admits, not done to him personally but to the party. Let’s hope so. Because I believe Mr. Roemer is a good guy. He should stay where he is. Cannot do any damage nor good.

What a relieve. Now it is highly unlikely that the S.P. will get a seat in the next administration. They are born to run in the opposition mode only. And Mr. Roemer, since he is a talking Teddy Bear, to finalize effectively, just remove the batteries. It’s as easy as that. Happy Xmas!