Something seems to be shockingly wrong with the traditional explanation where our Moon came from.

The official story is that the Moon broke off after Earth was struck by a huge planetary object like Mars.

But a growing number of conspiracy theorists believe the history of the Moon cannot be explained by natural causes like that and therefore it must be an artificially created object.

Scientists agree that the Moon is essential for life on Earth. With its gravity it influences the seasons and plays an essential role stabilizing the earth rotation.

But there is more. Physicists are unable to explain why the Moon is as large as it is. In the Universe, planets like Earth, as far as we know, have usually smaller companions.

Instead of the 2000 miles diameter, Earth’s moon should have a size around 40 miles.

The most embarrassing is the position of the Moon. This heavenly body is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to the Earth.

Another weird fact is that our Moon revolves at exactly one hundredth of the speed that the Earth turns on its axis.

Compared to other moons in the universe, the most crucial pattern and number sequence values of our moon are consistent.

Divide the circumference of the Sun by that of the Moon and multiply it by 100. Now you get the polar circumference of the Earth. Coincidence?

Measurements and correlations between Earth, Sun and Moon are so precise that any differentiation in the figures would inevitably lead to visible changes and major disruption of life on Earth.

Solar eclipses are a good example of how well balanced the position of the Moon is

In case the Moon was not perfectly aligned as it is, the Sun would no longer be able to conceal itself so perfectly and predictably behind the Moon.

Further to this: The Moon is, as everybody knows, never revealing the dark side.

Some also believe that the Moon is hollow. In that perspective NASA admits the Moon does ring like a bell when hit by an object.

During the Apollo 12 mission, shock waves made by the lunar probe lasted for no less than 55 minutes. One mission later, the Apollo 13’s Saturn rocket booster left the Moon behind shaking for three hours and 20 minutes.

The facts and values surrounding the Moon are too perfect and precise to explain this small planet as something born by coincidence.

I believe our Moon is part of an alien project. To make life on Earth possible, the Moon is an unmissable part of the system. Beyond that, we are increasingly aware that basically everything on and around our planet is well organized and put in place. All orchestrated by an alien influence.

On a day 2 day basis, aliens coming from other places, far away in the Universe, are still involved in Earth’s matters.

Not politicians but extra-terrestrials do have the final directive power over what’s going on. What a relieve that there is something more powerful and smarter as the stupid and often ill minded creatures governing the world of today.

Only a few stable politicians and certain dedicated units of intelligence services are well informed about the alien presence and interference.

For the so called ordinary people it is too much a burden to have this knowledge. They should be satisfied with the simplified story that is massively distributed by varieties of religions and debunkers.

Creation is real. But not in an infantile way priests are telling you. It is far more exiting and better explainable than the Bible does.

Aliens who created Earth gave humans great freedom in making decisions. That’s why the gradation of extra terrestrial interference is limited to prevent life threatening acts from humans.

The freedom given to humans is part of their study. They want to learn how this planet’s inhabitants manage good and evil.

However at the end of the day, as I said, the creators decide.

Extraterrestrials will prevent nuclear war. Such a kind of destruction is not aloud not happen. At least not on a large scale. That is why there are so many UFO sighting above and around nuclear facilities and other military installations.

The alien management is mostly hidden from the public. This is because they do not want to present themselves for a wide audience or cause anxiety or disruption.

Church is becoming obsolete. Nowadays people have far more knowledge as in the days the Bible was written.

To keep church services alive, it is unavoidable to update the message. Please have the guts to explain that God is a highly sophisticated creating alien influence as described in the Holy Bible.