Robotic priests are the proposed solution to wash away the terrible sins committed by Roman Catholic Church workers of flesh and blood.

The Roman Catholic Church is now seriously studying proposals to replace priests by androids.

As the church is more and more drifting away from the fundamental Christian values, these robotic priests are expected to be gender neutral and incapable of committing sexual crimes.

Church leaders admit that sexual perversity is still going on and new cases of child abuse could appear on the horizon.

The idea to robotize the Catholic Church comes from Franciscan Sister Illia Delio. She has a chair in theology at Villanova University in Philadelphia and suggests the introduction of robots could be part of a church moving towards a post- human priesthood era.

“Our Church is very male, very patriarchal, and we have this whole sexual abuse crisis. The priesthood should be ‘reimagined’ with robots working alongside, or instead of, human religious figures”

Using religious robots is not something new.

In Germany, Protestant Churches try to diminish the workload with the help of robot priests that give automated blessings. The “BlessU-2” robot has a touchscreen, glowing hands, and is able to forgive sins in several different languages.

Further away, in Japan, Buddhist funerals have been conducted by robots. Last month, a robot priest named Mindar held a talk at the 400 year old Buddhist Kodaiji temple.