With growing Euroscepticism in many European countries, the ongoing and vast process of Britain leaving the E.U., unrest in Catalonia, rising differences between East European countries and Brussels and -not to forget- the out of nothing ever money printing ECB, uncertainty grows to levels never seen before.

The ECB keeps on pumping Euro’s with its never resting money machine.

Creating money out of nothing is not sustainable. Debts are now higher as in 2008 when the big financial crisis began. All circumstances that led up to this crash persist and got even worse.

Nothing has changed as a consequence. But now it’s deeper and nastier. This time, governments will not be able to save crippled banks.

Afraid of severe money deterioration and a still possible collapse of the most disgusted currency ever, many European nations now repatriating their gold reserves.

Collapse of the Euro will unmistakably lead to governments in failure as well. Next time, no more tax payer’s money to the big banks.

Many European countries have stored their Gold mostly outside Europe, in what is believed safe heavens like America.

Under deep secret circumstances nations now pulling their gold out of foreign storage facilities to restore their own vaults.

We are in the middle of a reversed gold rush that started a couple of years ago. The latest in the row of countries pulling back their Gold is Hungary.

With other countries Hungary believes that another economic crisis and collapse of the EU is looming.

By repatriating gold, the country is able to regain power as the European Union falls apart.

Gold is a valuable and scarce recovery instrument in case European countries are forced into a return to national currencies.

But in the past many national banks sold a major part of their Gold stock which now can turn out as something unforgivable and very stupid.