Climate change occurs, right in front of our very eyes.

But is it really caused by humanity or are other influences -as the ongoing polar shift and changes in Earth’s rotation- due to this event?

What we know so far is that governments millions of people and companies in the England and Europe heavily charge to fight climate change with arguments that might be based on wrong data and at the end of the day cannot be changed by altering human’s behavior. This wrong data ruins the car and other industries and drive low income citizens into poverty.

Something is going on with our planet.

The North Pole is currently moving away from its original position with a speed of at least 50 km per year. It moves from Alaska to Siberia.

This shift is on going monitored by scientists in the United States to provide adjustment updates to traffic operators like airlines and the military. It emerged that during the recent government shut down in America, as these updates came to a hold, there was worldwide anxiety.

The polar shift is a fact. And not the magnetic field only; the earth axis moved as well.

There is a wobble in the earth axis rotation.

Some scientists argue that the instability of the earth axis is due to melting ice and therefore a result of climate change. This is not a sufficient explanation why this happened in earth’s long time history as well.

A major axis shift governments don’t wanna talk about happened in 2004.

This event caused the Indonesian Tsunami and Earthquake.

After the 2004 shift, the sun “moved” from its original position and has been rising and setting north of the United States at the longest day in June. Further scientists notice changes in animal behavior and migration patterns.

It is worldwide observed that seasons are changing. In the Northern hemisphere autumn is not that cold as it was and spring is relatively cooler as during the last century.

So is it CO2 or something else that influences weather patterns?

According to computer models, it is definitely not CO2 that changes the climate. As I wrote in this blog on September 8, 2017, there is no scientific evidence for climate change caused by humans.

Thanks to very sophisticated, high level artificial intelligence, Australian biologist Jennifer Morohasy together with computer scientist John Abbot draw their conclusions. Climate change is definitely not caused by CO2.

So what is really happening?

Scientists are increasingly depending on computer algorithms. They go with the flow of automated computer data and draw conclusions based on a seemingly false output.

It emerged that current machine learning techniques for analyses of collected data are leading to numbers and figures that are misleading law makers and in many cases absolutely wrong.

Scientist dr. Genevera Allen working at the RICE University in Houston Texas warned that the automated programs to digest data can deliver unreliable results.

The software running on these computers is identifying patterns that are related to the abstract data fed into the computer do, unfortunately, not exist in the real world.

There are a huge number of research results that cannot be reproduced when another group of scientists tries the same experiment. This is unmistakably proof that the initial results were wrong.

It is feared that especially in the biomedical field up to 85% of all biomedical research carried out on this planet is definitely wrong. The risk of false data can easily be projected on climate studies.

Nothing less than a very alarming science crisis.

Now we know that science is often not able to (re)produce accurate results and studies. The output is controversial and debatable.

Politicians should be very cautions to build a strategy on scientific quick sand.

Especially in Europe, companies and citizens are driven over the edge by a climate scam that feeds a policy of fiscal punishment.

This is why Europe is not a good territory to invest and why manufacturers are moving away from the UK and the continent.

And not to forget: CO2 is great for nature. In fact it makes our planet greener. Millions of years back in time, CO2 levels were much higher as today. There is no evidence that this caused significant harm.