It is highly unlikely that economic and financial sanctions against Russia and widespread fiscal punishment of the Oligarchs sort the desired effect as intended.

The ones suffering the most is not the enemy but ordinary people as they pay the price for sky rocketing energy and spiking inflation on countless products.

Fiscal punishment in various ways is the new normal as traditional arms cannot do the job.

But is it worth it? Financial sanctions seldom led to regime change or the end of conflicts.

As sanctions increase, Vladimir Putin hits back with his demand to pay Russian gas in Rubles.

And what’s not in the spotlight is the retaliation by Russia against foreign companies and nationals.

I believe confiscation solely based on fabricated crimes, nationality and ad hoc fabricated legislation is wrong and a crime in itself. It happened earlier during WWII as Jewish people lost all they had just because of their origin and false accusations.

It is just not right as hostile governments take away honest earned possessions from people and companies purely based on politics or where they come from.

For example, in London, over the years, Russian investments were more than welcome. Investors from Russia were welcomed in the highest levels of society.

As soon as the Russian invasion in Ukraine began, without a minute delay, British parliament granted ruling that made most possessions by Russian citizens in the UK (capital) illegal. It was criminalized by an instant rancuneus wrecking law.

On top of that, fuel sanctions that hurt citizens round the globe came into effect.

It emerged almost immediately that the fiscal and economic punishment of Russia is a disaster for the global economy. All of us pay the price with exploding inflation and God only knows what’s next.

Low income people already struggling to make ends meet are the real victims. Not the Russian establishment.

The EU is playing a dangerous and stupid game since Europe can not replace Russian oil and gas. No matter how much the United States and Middle East pony up. Brussels is far from aware the strategic consequences of what they are doing.

And even without war, the world energy supply and many more commodities are running short. There is a worldwide depletion of all kinds of non renewable resources. This all is caused by massive demand. Or call it overpopulation.

And it’s happening at the same time.

Because of this, the whole world is nearing a point where it can no longer grow in the way it was used to. Inflation, food shortages and rolling blackouts are likely to become the new normal in many parts of the world.

At the end of the day stocks will fall ending up in worldwide mayhem.

Unmistakably, we are moving at warp speed towards a world with inadequate resources feeding conflicts that are likely to become increasingly common. Large scale conflicts will lead to a largely diminished world population. A new beginning.