In an already historical one-liner U.S. President Donald Trump is warning: “Fake media trying to silence us, but people know the truth”

Nothing more I can agree on.

For over a decade, democracy is dying all around the globe and taken over by the mainstream media. In this mind controlling mediacracy mass media try to decide what is good or bad for people.

Since Donald Trump took office this tactic is hampering.

However, a new weapon is put in place. The latest mass media strategy is being silent. Just not reporting about developments that are “unwelcome”.

Mainstream media are now massively silent about developments they don’t like. Misinformation made place for “just not talking about it”

I know all about it. From big issues as American politics to relatively smaller ones as sex selection and genetic altering in Europe.

No reason to be sad. Certainly not! For the old mainstream media it’s game over.

Attempts from ancient media reporters to change the world into their vision are now DOA. Death On Arrival.

Thanks to internet, consumers are well able to decide where to find news and information. The time of bluntly believing lies coming from predominated old media institutions is finally over.

There is no future for the media dictatorship.

I believe, particularly in Europe, governments should stop state sponsored television and radio immediately. It is a big, big outrage to mislead people with tax payers money.