Viral and bacterial contamination from an unexpected source.

Scientists now discovered that billions of viruses and bacteria are not transmitted by living beings only but transported over the air and literally falling from the sky as well.

The Journal of the International Society for Microbial Ecology reports that many viruses and bacteria must be spread over the air since genetically identical viruses are found in different locations and environments round the globe.

Most of the transport activity takes place in the troposphere, the part of the atmosphere above us in which the most part of the weather patterns occur.

Massive amounts of viruses and bacteria are swept up from the planet’s surface and directly transported into the most remote area’s to drop on the planet’s surface.

The assumption that viruses might fall from the sky is not new.

For a long time it is believed that viruses can drop from the sky and not necessarily originate from Gaia.

Since unexplainable entirely new types of viruses are found, scientists think it is very well visible that they also come with dust and debris from outer space.

From the universe or earth, it is estimated that daily over 800 million viruses and bacteria are deposited per square meter above the planetary boundary layer.

They find their final way back to the earth surface carried by rain and dust.

There is a positive note about all of this.

Scientists agree that the worldwide deposits of viruses and bacteria could help ecosystems to quickly get used to upcoming environmental changes.