How useful is a vaccination passport as there is so much doubt about the effectiveness and necessity of the current vaccines.

As the number of side effects mount, there are contradictory reports about the efficacy of the jab against the spread of the virus.

Another question is why should we vaccinate young and healthy people without an underlying health condition or a strong anti-body Igg titer. It is widely believed that natural antibodies live longer than resistance build through the vaccine.

And how bad is Corona really? Yes, for some it is. Do they tell us the whole story?

Today the world is “shaking” as the media reports many positive Corona tests in Turkey. Unfortunately nobody tells us anything about the real number of sick people. And how sick they really are. A positive Corona test tells us nothing about how really serious the situation is. I know so many people with a positive test showing no or just minor symptoms.According to figures from the CDC here in America, Corona is for the most of us far from bad as the image projected by the dominating mainstream media.

Press agency Reuters is reporting that the global COVID-19 death toll surpasses 3 million. Be prepared for a big surprise. Look at the official numbers in 2018!

What the heck is going on? And why the hurry to spread a completely novel vaccine without the usual trials. Please tell me. The whole world is nabbed by a vaccination emergency not justified by statistics.

Add to it that epidemiologist believe that rapid developing future Covid-19 mutations could render the current vaccines in less than six months.

This could incur at least every 6 months or latest once a year a vaccination update. That sounds crazy and it is.

There is no other conclusion as that science and politicians do not want people to naturally build there immune system.  We are facing the foment introduction of a new phenomena. Vaccination slavery. The hawkish introduction of the Corona jab is nothing less than alarming and scary.

Epidemiologists prepare the world for a never ending vaccination doctrine.

Almost two-thirds of the scientists from leading institutions as Johns Hopkins, Yale, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Imperial College London, plus the University of Edinburgh revealed that, despite vaccination, Covid-19 can mutate in less than a year in a way that make the first-generation vaccines ineffective. That means we never get rid of it.

The scientists add that the sloppy implementation and low vaccine coverage contribute to that.

What are we talking about.

If the CDC numbers are correct and my observation in real life is correct, Corona is less bad as the mass media want us to believe. It is comparable with an ordinary flu. Yes, some patients die. That’s really terrible but nothing new. During the 2017/ 2018 flu season we had a similar amount of patients dying or ending up in the ICU. A real pandemic was the Spanish Flu as over hundred million people died. With COVID we are tremendously far from that.

So many people show no or minor symptoms. I believe we better stop keeping the virtual pandemic alive.

Let’s do the work the natural way, without a vaccine. In the long run we are better off.

We need viruses from time to time to get our immune system up to date and strong. It is fundamentally wrong to overrule the natural self defense system from young and healthy people with doubtful experiments like the COVID mass vaccination. There is no legitimate reason for that.

Hesitation is growing as medical care homes report that in many cases the vaccine is not working at all. A substantial number of patients vaccinated twice still got Corona. This happened also at a care home facility for disabled people in Europe. Most vaccinated patients however got mild symptoms but some severe.

Let’s hope the vaccination rush is not turning out as an organized crime against humanity. Time will tell.