There is new evidence that climate change has also something to do with the path planets walk through the solar system.

What we know is that Earth’s climate is subject to change from the very early days of the planet’s existence.

It is a natural process that happened even before humans walked around. We can find proof for that in very old geological formations dated back several 100 million years ago.

Evidence that climate change is not necessarily caused by humans or at best partly is mounting as it emerged that the same process is happening on Jupiter, Mars and Pluto.

Jupiter, Mars and Pluto joined the club with their own global warming. However, this all without any human interference.

It is just a short time ago that Scientists discovered some planets in our solar system seem to be heating up a bit. According to NASA, Martian South Pole’s “ice cap” is now shrinking for at least three summers in a row.

Researchers believe now that like Earth other planets are warming up. There are some non-human solar system-wide phenomena at work.

There is a technical cosmic explanation for climate change on the planets we know.

Planets don’t orbit the sun in perfect circles. Sometimes they are a little closer to the sun and other times further away. They call it orbital eccentricity. This phenomenon contributes far greater changes to Martian climate than to Earth’s. It happens that way because the fluctuations in the Martian orbit are five times bigger than the wobbles of planet Earth.

As always when it comes to climate changes issues, there is much debate.

Traditional human climate change believers argue that circumstances between Mars and Earth are different. The absence of oceans and the very thin atmosphere makes Mars more susceptible to external influences than Earth.

However there was already a proven relation between the sun’s activity and the climate on Earth. On the other hand, the influence from the Sun on Mars is far less.

The Sun influences the climate on Earth continuously. Variations in the planet’s orbit around the Sun are responsible for ice ages and hot tropical periods in the past.

Among other scientists, NASA argues that the warming we’ve seen during the last few decades is “too fast to be linked to changes in Earth’s orbit, and too big to be caused by solar activity”

Other scientist doubt this vision since some ice ages happened very fast.