These days, there is growing criticism about the way governments are handling the Corona virus.

For a large majority of the population COVID-19 is a totally harmless virus, far less severe than the seasonal flu.

Is it worth the price to sacrifice worlds economy and peoples freedom? In some countries like Cyprus, Spain and France it is. If you don’t follow the Corona rules strictly, you can end up in jail. This all with the argument that violating the rules endangers public health.

And this is not all.

Scaremongering media offer daily updates like sport event reports. Even the smallest amount of new cases is news.

Why did this not happen during earlier, even more severe, flu outbreaks? And why are emergency room operators complaining all the time as in previous years many more flu victims were treated in hospitals and many more died.

Why do officials not inform society about the real status of patients with a positive test result? Why don’t reporters ask?

In most cases, a positive test, is no evidence for real sick patients at all. Many registered patients have no or just minor complaints comparable with catching a cold.

The biggest threat might not these facts but the over exaggerated precautions to prevent attracting the virus.

The mass use of hand gels could create a so called superbug Armageddon as many other bacteria and viruses build up resistance. This is what Dr. Andrew Kemp of the University of Lincoln warns for.

Other scientists say that at this very moment, there is no evidence  that alcohol based gel kills the Corona virus.

On the contrary: Recent research shows the surviving bugs which are not killed by alcohol gels are themselves highly dangerous pathogens and may increase in numbers. This implicates that in the long run our routine use of gels could cause us more harm than good.

These finding contribute to what Corona conspiracy theorists believe that most governmental Corona ruling is a hoax based on dark motives.

Shopping in the supermarket was never so dirty and dangerous as today. The massive use of decontamination gels lead to clingy, very dirty and dangerous baskets.

Maybe this is exactly what the leaders want.

Breaking the resistance of people by curfew, quarantine measures, ruining economies, taking away possessions without any legal reason, contact tracing, social distancing  (a rule dated back to the USSR era to prevent demonstrations) and finally kill deliberately on the long run by creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

At the same time. future immune systems could weaken as too many precautions prevent humanity from getting necessary infections. A weakened immune system plus bacteria and viruses building up resistance is a fatal combination.