On the very day Britain originally should say goodbye to the EU, big disappointment. Brexit is not happening; on the contrary in a complete deadlock situation.

Today, for the third time in a row, members of Parliament rejected the withdrawal agreement now plunging the country in nothing less as a constitutional crisis and leaving voters in limbo.

The government lost again with 58 votes short to get the withdrawal deal, at least partially, passed.

If -at least on the short term, a hard Brexit is very unlikely, the U.K. is unavoidably heading for another humiliation; participating in the elections for a new European Parliament in May.

Furious Brexiteers gathered outside Parliament to protest against the day by day diminishing chances of leaving the EU. Some protesters were arrested.

The economic and financial damage is mounting day by day.

The PM has now until April 12th to decide what to do and possibly ask in Brussels for an extension of the negotiating process. In the meanwhile, chances are materializing that Britain will be forced to organize General Elections for the European Parliament as Brexit is fading away.

Another route is the no deal scenario. Possible, but still unlikely.

Awaiting next week further votes on proposals in Parliament, for now we can conclude that, so far, democracy has failed.