A team of researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University for the first time managed to create error free genetically modified human embryos.

The scientists demonstrated with CRISPR that they can alter DNA and doing so prevent diseases by removing genetic mistakes from embryo’s. It was tried earlier but not like now, without faults.

With the CRISPR genome editing technology scientists are able to alter human DNA in single-cell embryos.

Based on a number of recent tests, the scientists are convinced it is definitely possible to safely and efficiently correct defective genes that cause (inherited) diseases.

To demonstrate that faulty genes successfully can be corrected the researchers used donated sperm from men who carried inherited disease mutations

It is the first time in human history this was done without any mistakes.

In the past CRISPR gene editing caused errors in which some cells did not adapt the desired changes. This problem is known as mosaicism.

Now it is proved we can avoid this deterioration by injecting the CRISPR material into the eggs at the very same time they are fertilized with semen. How about that!

Other evidence this technique will work came from offspring mousses that got a different color after their genes were edited.

To avoid widespread havoc and upheaval, the scientists emphasized that the new created embryos were never intended to be implanted into a woman’s womb. Instead they were terminated after developed just a few days later.

As in most regions of this planet, US law prevent scientists from any efforts to turn genetically edited embryo’s into babies. It is strictly prohibited.

That is why the genetically modified embryos were abandoned shortly after developed.

Making better humans with the help of DNA engineering is something most politicians hate.

Tell you why. Many of them don’t want better and smarter humans. It’s too difficult to operate under such circumstances.

Politicians need uncompromised obedient and silent slaves.

Some lawmakers consider genetic engineering as unethical. But is it? We shamelessly agree with improved (genetically engineered) crops and flowers.

But when it comes to our self, illogical boundaries and fear appears. Why shouldn’t we use modern techniques to improve our quality of life.

Remember the old days as electronics giant Philips, after years of producing bad products, came with the controversial ad “let’s make things better” In fact they admitted making less good products before.

Nowadays it is no longer about the rubbish from Philips. We are talking improving humans. Let’s make humans better!

In what a great world we live! Despite it seems to be impossible to rebuild and correct already born malfunctioning humans, with new ones now we can.

Imagine a world without brainless politicians instead a society solely counting premium quality 5 star humans.

And despite it is foreseeable that this recent milestone will make critics play the same old song of fear and scaremongering again, I believe no one can stop the train.

Is it worrisome? What the heck are they afraid for? What’s against well performing and healthy humans by improving physical bodies? At the end of the day this might be the secret of eternal life.