As military operations in Ukraine do not develop as originally intended, there is more to it as a malfunctioning Russian army. Inside Kremlin sources reveal the Ukraine war could turn out in history as the last act of a seriously ill President.

It is rumored that the Russian leader suffers Thyroid cancer. This often lethal disease came to daylight as it is noticed that the President is constantly followed by a thyroid cancer specialist.

For almost 300 days, the doctor almost permanently shows up on his side. The discovery comes amid growing claims the Russian President is seriously ill and suffering from side effects of the medication to battle the disease. It is said the medication has affected his brain preventing him from making the right decisions.

Widely respected Surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov has flown for at least 35 times to Sochi near the Black Sea, the Russian leader’s favorite residence.

Selinov is working at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moskou. He is an expert in diagnostics and surgical treatment of patients with thyroid cancer.

The discovery add to widespread speculation that Putin declared war as he possibly was out of his mind due to suffering severe medical problems and under siege of medication.

Administering anti cancer drugs like steroids is mentioned as the cause of a bloated look around the face and neck.

The medical problems dated back before 2016 as from that year the existing condition appeared to get worse.