Believe it or not, we have another one! The World Health Organization keeps the never ending Covid story alive with a new mutant.

The earlier this year discovered Mu variant is thought to be more severe and probably vaccine resistant. With autumn in the Northern hemisphere on the brink, another bounce of dark days is looming. The World Health Organization named the ‘Mu’ COVID-19 strain, B.1.621, “a variant of deep concern”

The vaccine evading Mu mutation is originating from Columbia. It was detected first in January this year and recently showed up in the United States and Europe. Larger outbreaks occurred in South America and Europe.
It is believed that Covid Mu was initially suppressed by the Delta variant. That’s why the number of cases is still going down. But as the Delta type eases, it makes room for Mu.

Over 4.600 cases of Covid Mu have now been mapped with a spread to more than 40 countries. So far, in the U.S. only, approximately 2.000 cases of the mutations are officially registered.

The WHO said there is an indication Covid Mu might be more infectious as well. Further, they emphasized that more intense studies are required but labelled the Mu mutation already as a “variant of interest”

It must be said that worldwide currently over 300 different Covid strains are registered. Authorities have a pot boiling over with tools to continue suppressing and controlling the world population for a seemingly endless period of time.

The most well known Covid variants of concern are at the moment Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the highly contagious Delta variant.

Mu is now the fifth variant that shares the position with newcomers as Eta, Iota, Kappa and Lambda.

Corona will stay with us at least until the end of 2023. Not earlier as in 2024 the situation in the world will stabilize. This prediction comes from leading immunology scientists. They warn that in the foreseeable future, the world should be on- going prepared to combat and eliminate new vaccine-resistant mutations”