Why vaccinate young, strong and healthy people as many of them already had Corona one way or another or just not susceptible for the virus. Most of the military is without symptoms at all.

Efforts to prevent forced vaccinations in the military are under siege by Democrats.

Republican Thomas Massie warned that U.S. troops will quit if forced to vaccinate.

Massie is fighting for the U.S. military after a massive outreach against the jab. In a tweet he said that Democrats have attacked his recent proposal to ban forced vaccinations of U.S. troops.

The congressman added he introduced bill HR 3860 to outlaw vaccine mandates in the military, which has been already backed by dozens of lawmakers.

Unrest is mounting after reports claimed Joe Biden’s Pentagon might require vaccination for U.S. troops by September.

Maddie said service members reached out to him and warned of their resignation if vaccination mandates were to happen.

“They want everybody to get vaccinated, even those who don’t need vaccinated,” he asserted. “If you followed the science, the Moderna trial showed there was no benefit of the vaccine to those who recovered from infection. The Pfizer trial showed there was no benefit to those who had from infection from the vaccine.”

It is feared that vaccination deserters will face court martial. The HR 3860 bill should prevent this.

From the beginning, the whole Covid-19 vaccination thing is surrounded with question marks.

It remains a mystery how it could happen that the development of a new vaccine took just 4 months of development. This followed by no more than another 4 months of testing. The normal procedure to get an approval takes years and years. In the good old normal days such practices were branded as medical experiments.