Figures show that the linear TV audience (traditional TV broadcasting) is fed up with the ongoing scaremongering about a virus that’s proven less fatal as the seasonal flu.

As they don’t stop bringing bad news about Corona, major TV networks round the globe are now facing a major decline in viewing rates as never seen before.

More and more people know it for sure. For a better sleep, turn off your TV.

It emerged that so far in 2020 the open network viewing rates dropped catastrophically as audiences massively turn their back to the bad news spreading mainstream media.

A media researcher explained: “It seems that viewers are getting sick and tired about project fear. They have had enough of the never-ending and often misleading information.

The Corona message on TV is dominated by a lack of critical questions in news and talk shows. There is no solid explanation to key questions”

Nationwide networks, broadcasting over the air and cable don’t refrain even a split second from keeping the COVID-19 pandemic alive. This despite a relatively low number of fatalities.

The result is that an increasing number of viewers evade the mainstream news, cut the cord and choose for streaming Video On Demand (VOD)

The worldwide traditional TV over the air and cable market (pay TV included) slowed already over the past few years in favor of video consumption through online streaming.

The Covid-19 misinformation hype is now accelerating the outflow of viewers.

The media researcher: “Viewers increasingly are aware that something is wrong. They realize that the real Corona numbers are not different compared to earlier flu outbreaks. There is no sufficient justification for the new normal”

After months of scaremongering, they now have the feeling that the severity of the virus in real life is far from bad as projected on Television. This results in higher streaming VOD churn in many markets”

In North America, operators with linear pay TV services reported a loss of more than 2 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

Another reason for the cord-cutting rise is that sport events are cancelled. For many sports fans a good reason to cancel their (pay-tv) packages.

There is a little spark of hope.

Although Covid-19 has dented the linear TV market, the deep loss of viewers is likely to be temporary. That’s what experts say.

When sport events resume, fans are likely to go back to their regular non-streaming TV services.