U.S. President Donald Trump advised U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to sue the EU. This instead of further negotiating with the bloc.

The position of the British PM is under siege since the Chequers summit agreement that preludes a soft Brexit is in fact no Brexit at all.

The damage caused by the EU to the U.K. and other European countries is tremendous. It’s not about immigration only.

The wide spread and harsh implementation of not relevant and obstructive legislation caused disruption and limited economic growth for decades. Not to forget the hindering of vital lifesaving scientific research on embryos.

I urge EU member states to prevent Brussels from producing any new painstaking suppressive legislation and unwind all controversial, harmful, costly and obstructive laws. The EU commission should be dismantled.

As it comes to reproductive freedom, the way Europe dominates family life is an outrage.

Governments should not interfere when it comes to reproductive matters. We are talking about humans own flesh and blood. It is not up to lawmaker’s interfering in vital and private reproductive choices. They should stay out of this.

Once upon a time, the EU as economic bloc was not a bad idea at all. But over the years, the EU has been transformed into a dictatorship, causing big financial and operational havoc all over Europe.

As England leaves, the rest of Europe will pay the damage. EU politicians really don’t care. They are not prepared to sober the sky high spending bill.

As being exempt from all sorts of income tax these horrible lawmakers are fully responsible for the most massive deterioration in household’s spending income since World War II.

Hardest hit is the Northern hemisphere of Europe.

Europe is under siege of the notorious alcoholic Mr. Juncker, while drunk supported not only by a wheelchair but also a number of other dictators described as the European Commission.

It seems Donald Trump is one of the very few political leaders in the world putting the interest of his (American) voters first.

In America, many politicians are successful celebrities. They got their status after working hard for the money. Most of them earned there fortune often in businesses, entertainment or arts. The remuneration for their political work is no more than a lump sum.

On the contrary, in Europe, most politicians are just doing the job to financially serve themselves.

They are grosso modo definitely not self-supporting. But while these parasites live the good life on tax payers money, their only objective is pushing citizens over the edge with redundant legislation and every day new different kinds of taxes. This creates a big uncertainty leaving companies and citizens in limbo about what’s next.

Thank God the UK never joined the Euro. The Euro currency is like a zombie, kept alive by the illegal money printing practices of Mr. Draghi and the Mafia bankers surrounding him. The money theft by the ECB is astronomical. The heavily debated losses caused by tax evasion are nothing compared to the financial damage provoked by the Central Bank of the Eurozone.

By keeping rates artificially low, they steal day in, day out massive amounts of interest from workers, savers and pension funds. At the same time household’s income deteriorates as the artificial ECB inflation is mounting and money is less and less worth.

The European mass media are, for whatever reason, silent about this damage.

It is obvious; there is no freedom of press in Europe. No freedom at all. In my time as a journalist it was common practice to secretly follow embargoes and being silent about sensitive government information. I believe it is not different nowadays, possibly even worse. The only thing new is that it is more visible.

We now have the internet with countless alternative news outlets.

I fear this will be not sufficient to stop this shogunate club of non-elected EU politicians categorically failing to serve voters demand.