Germans are told to stockpile food and water to prepare for an emergency situation.

The government hopes for the best but citizens are strongly advised to take all needed measures for a survival period of at least ten days.

This advice comes as a possible nuclear incident or the risk of a massive poisoning of water and food is on the brink. There is also nationwide fear of interrupted oil and gas supplies. Then there is the threat of events coming from space such as a meteor impact and last but not least a social revolt e.g. as the Euro collapses.

A substantial disaster might put state emergency services out of reach. The warning comes in a 69 pages document from the Germany Interior Ministry.

The document emphasizes that an attack on German territory is currently unlikely but one cannot rule out that in the foreseeable future a major security threat to the nation occurs. Therefore civil defense measures are unavoidable.

Since the end of the cold war, the last 20 years, civil defense guidelines were not updated in Germany. But several terror strikes plus the endless flow of criminal immigrants were enough to trigger a wake up call.

Therefore the Germans now believe it is the right time to refurbish the civil defense guidelines.