Recently there was upheaval after a Dutch IVF treatment center made public that 26 women possibly have been fertilized with sperm from the wrong male partner.

It is said that at the University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht things went wrong due to a procedural error.

In the meanwhile at least half of the women who underwent an IVF treatment in Utrecht are pregnant or already delivered. The incidents took place between April 2015 and November last year.

The management of the IVF center apologized with the explanation that “During the fertilization procedure, semen cells from one treatment couple could have ended up with the egg cells of other couples. One cannot rule out that there is a chance that the egg cells have been fertilized by other sperm than that from the intended father”

The incident is the second one on a row. In 1995 the UMC made headlines after a white couple delivered at the same time a white and also pitch black baby due to an unintended change of semen samples.

The latest announcement proves that the hospital obviously did not learn much out of the shocking event 22 years ago.

It is hard to image that the hospital explained the error with a mistake made by a technician who used the same rubber top on different pipettes without sterilizing thoroughly.

As far as I know health care providers should use protocols to avoid these kind of incidents and clean up before using instruments again.

Parents involved are offered a DNA test to be sure about the origin of their (future) child.

It is yet unclear whether the authorities will start an investigation yes or no.