Now Germans know where in the future tax euro’s might end up.

The German Green Party made a pledge for sex on prescription in cases people are disabled or seriously ill. These patients should be able to file for public money to pay the hookers bill.

However, evidence of the medical need plus a statement that a patient is not able to pay for the sex workers visit is required.

To enjoy state sponsored sex, you need to be double disabled. Healthy and financially.Double diabledAccording to Elisabeth Scharfenberg, a member of parliament “it is imaginable that local authorities pay for “sexual assistance”

Prostitution has been legal in Germany since 2002. It’s a serious business. An unseen number of sex workers offer nowadays their services in care homes. A sexual advisor for nursing and elderly homes told that for some patients prostitutes are a “blessing”

It is said that in the Netherlands it’s already possible to claim the cost of sexual services as a medical expense.

In Germany, the green party is in some German area’s a substantial political player.