A growing concern about the number of Chinese military vessels now operating in the Northern Atlantic, amid Russian submarines put America’s navy on high alert.

Following the increased military threat, last month on the first of July, the U.S. has reactivated the fleet command in the Northern Atlantic to secure the ocean on the East coast.

The reactivation of the East Coast Command is seen as a historic move after the fleet was deactivated in 2011.

American Navy’s 2nd Fleet highest admiral John Richardson is warning on VOA that these vessels are “prowling those waters at a pace not seen since the end of the Cold War”

In euphemistic words, the Chief of Naval Operations called recent developments in both the North Atlantic and alongside the Mediterranean Sea a “new dynamic”.

Compared with just five years ago, the conclusion for today is that we live in a different and far more dangerous world.

The Chinese navy is operating on a global scale and despite it is prepared for immediate action; Chinese activity near the U.S. east coast is not that alarming as the countless number of Russian submarines hiding under the Ocean’s surface and hindering military communications.

The recent worries, not seen in 25 years are shared with the NATO allies.

The biggest fear is not a frontal military confrontation but sabotage of vital undersea Telecom cables between the U.S. and Europe.

Recent developments led to a rethink of priorities. The primary security focus is no longer on terrorism but U.S. national security.