A recent nationwide U.K. poll shows that for most voters, EU payments and ridiculous EU laws is a far heavier burden than the migration issue.

To get rid of EU payments and dictating laws made by individuals from foreign countries is far more important than strengthen border controls.

Anyhow, many believe after the Brexit the immigration problem will mostly remain the same. What should get the highest priority is stopping payments to Brussels immediately and not suffer under European legislation any time longer than necessary. EU jurisdiction in Britain should end the soonest.

Ahead of the negotiations, Theresa May refused again and again to rule out the continuation payments to the EU’s budget.

But in a not misunderstanding result, one of the largest U.K. opinion polls ever held, it became clear that in the mind of most pro Brexit voters cutting off funding to Brussels is the top priority.

Boundaries on immigration for EU nationals is considered as less important than both cutting off EU payouts and being subject to the many times ridiculous and sick rulings of the European Court of Justice.

On the contrary of what many economists and journalists believe, access to the single market was an even lower priority (42 per cent of respondents overall claiming controlling immigration was more important compared to 34 per cent who prioritized the tariff-free trading bloc)

Boris Johnson already eased things by suggesting that Britain could allow EU free movement to continue during a transition period to tighter border controls.