With an overwhelming conservative majority in parliament, the UK can now definitely leave the EU at January 31. What a relief!

Voters said NO to the totalitarian regime option of Mr. Jeremy Corbyn.

No nationalization of companies and free internet on taxpayer’s money. Some major companies took measures behind closed doors just in case the Corbyn regime should land on solid ground.

British Utility companies developed a doom scenario to escape Corbyn’s nationalization plans by moving head offices abroad. No Corbyn evasion after this splendid result.

The final Brexit legislation can now easily pass parliament. Only 6 weeks left as the dark era of horrible EU jurisdiction and suppressive legislation will come to an end.

As patient’s dying on British hospital floors, billions of pounds can now go to the crippled NHS instead of Brussels. Mr. Boris Johnson did it and a major recovery operation for the National Health Service has been announced.

Great news is that voters don’t buy the climate change scaremongering, as the Green party did not get significant support at the polling stations.

It is a new dawn for the country as Mr. Boris Johnson said. He now can stay in office to get done what must be done.

At the very same time it is a sad moment for Europe. A major influential country is leaving the block.

Europe’s economy is already in an economic slowdown and foreseeable pushed over the edge as new climate legislation will make it difficult for companies to operate. Not to mention the financial terror from the ECB printing endless money and laundering it with the purchase of government bonds.

The “Green deal” launched this week by EU climate chief Mr. Timmermans, who made name and fame as a Dutch Minister during the MH 17 tragedy, is a serious threat and will drive a major part of the continent into poverty. Thanks to his plans, Europe is heading to become a third world country.

Mr. Boris Johnson, thank you for doing a great job. You have proven to be worth it to be PM of this land.

“We will get Brexit done on time by 31 January, no ifs, no buts, not maybe.”