Nothing in life is what it looks like but a hospitalized American president suffering virus symptoms is something unprecedented.

For many humans, COVID-19 is no more dangerous as the seasonal flu. Not worth all the restrictions imposed on young and healthy citizens.

That doesn’t prevent some governments to use COVID-19 as a tool for deliberate destruction of economies and personal livelihood. In no time, COVID-19 became the ultimate key for governments to ruin economies and pave the way for the introduction of communism based on totalitary ruling.

That doesn’t wipe out that particularly patients above 65 years of age are extremely vulnerable.

Therefore, at the moment, it is distrustful whether the American President will survive and if, what possible damage he suffers.

CNN loves it. Donald Trump can’t do any good to the reporters working at this highly unprofessional news caster. CNN is on a hate mission. Instead of projecting an independent view, CNN produces well organized on going fabricated stories with one dark purpose only.

As America is in trouble, so is the rest of the World. What a pity for Boris Johnson now the POTUS illness drives him into the arms of the EU. No one knows in what shape the Corona suffering President will end.

Suppose he dies, it is very unlikely the UK gets a lucrative trade deal with the US.

May God forbid that we get an administration operated by Democrats. Using Donald Trump’s words : That’s not gonna happen. I hope so and pray.

But if such an unforeseen event occurs, the UK will not be treated different compared with other foreign nations.

Boris Johnson is getting very nervous and  already began to behave nice and friendly towards Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen. Just in case…

Therefore the two European leaders agree that both parties, the UK and EU, should do their utmost to achieve a Brexit deal. They agree that they should agree. No more than that.

It is obvious that the UK is driven in the arms of something Boris and a majority of the Brittons don’t like.

It is an extremely sad situation as the UK is now deteriorating at exponential speed.

Should the POTUS die (even if he leaves the hospital, he is not out of the woods) or lose the November election and no UK/EU agreement  is reached, the UK is doomed to become a third world country for a indefenite period of time.