The United States warned the UK not allowing Huawei to build the new 5G network. 5G by Huawei would be a fatal mistake putting the special relationship between the two countries at risk.

The US has many activities over here, intelligence and military bases included.

Britain plays also an important role in the Five Eyes network, a secretive global intelligence network formed in the aftermath of World War II. The objective is to share intelligence data between the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Despite the US intelligence and military has their own worldwide communication networks, the US government considers Huawei dominated technical infrastructures in countries as the UK an unacceptable risk.

It is feared that the Chinese manipulate highly advanced computer and telecommunications firmware to steal sophisticated data from governments and high tech companies.

The warning from the Americans comes at a very bad moment. After leaving the EU, regarding trade relations, the US is one of the last resorts the UK can bank on.

In a statement during a speech to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US has an obligation to ensure that the places they are operating, the places where American information is, and the places where the US is subject to a national security risk that all operations are inside trusted networks. Pompeo: “We don’t believe you can have those technologies in your systems and still have a trusted network

For the UK there is too much at stake (security and trade). Bearing this in mind it is believed Britain will do its utmost to avoid making the wrong decision and assuage US security fears.

UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt responded that the UK will never take a decision that compromises the country’s ability to share intelligence with the so called “Five Eyes” colleagues, particularly the US.