Times change and so do ethics. It is Alan Turing, earlier prosecuted for being gay, showing up on the new 50 pound note that is due to arrive in 2021.

As an informatics scientist. Mr. Turing played an important, not to say, “Crucial” rule during WWII by breaking the Nazi Germany’s communication code.

He worked at the UK’s deep secret Bletchley Park code-breaking center helping to crack the Nazi Germany’s secret codes by developing the Turing logic bombe.

Turing was ground breaking. He was also one of the most important forces as it comes to artificial intelligence.  One of the many things he developed was the so called Turing test; a way to measure artificial intelligence.

But in the fifties being openly gay was a criminal offence. In England, as in the rest of Europe, homosexuality was strictly prohibited.

In that period of time, homosexuals were sent to prison and forcibly treated with hormones. In 1954 Turing committed suicide and died at the age of 41,

It was not earlier as in 2013 when Turing received a royal pardon; this following apologizes from the British government in 2009.

The new 50 pound bank note is part of a transition to more secure bank notes. Switching from paper to safer and long life polymer.