Driving a Tesla is not the real driving experience.  Different from e.g. BMW and other premium brands, Tesla cars feel and look cheap. Particularly the interior. I believe this car is definitely not worth the price.

And that’s not all. It is a wide spread misconception that electric (battery powered) cars contribute to a better environment. They don’t.

Few people are aware that, every time the battery is on the charger, only 50% of the charging energy arrives in the battery. The rest disappears as heath in thin air.  A very inefficient process. Spoiling so much energy.

The mainstream media are silent about the environmental burden of the Lithium Ion batteries. It is enormously.

Tesla and other EV manufactures must feel uneasy as an increasing number of parking lots refuse Tesla drivers access since there is an increased risk of fire. It is almost impossible to extinguish a burning Tesla instantly.  A Tesla on fire can burn for days.

If you wanna drive electric, for the sake of a longer range, not coping with the hassle of time consuming recharging and environmental sustainability, be smart and buy a Hydrogen powered car. The battery car era will soon end.

It is a misconception that driving a Tesla is for the rich. Certainly not.

Until January 2020,  sales were soaring. Thanks to worldwide tax incentives only. Especially business drivers decided to make the switch into these electric vehicles.

However, since COVID-19 spread through the planet, the EV fairytale suddenly ends. At least for the foreseeable future.

Politicians predict that, even after Corona, the world will never be the same. There will be no return to normal. This is the most negative and scary statement I have ever heard and I don’t believe it.

However, going back to normal or not; the Corona havoc can cause the abrupt end of the State sponsored Tesla success story.

Since COVID-19 strikes, taxpayer’s money vaporized. Governments are running out of cash.

It is unlikely that failed states and cities will continue subsidizing the EV industry. In many places, driving is now prohibited or restricted. Who wants to buy new wheels?

The COVID-19 emergency stop brings Elon Musk with both feet on the ground.

As last week Tesla stocks tumbled, Elon Musk went mad. On Twitter, the desperate CEO announced that his company’s stock price is too high and had in mind to sell of his physical possessions.

Earlier, the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission sued Elon Musk after manipulating the stock market with a tweet that he had funding secured to take Tesla stocks private at 420 dollar per share.

According to U.S. media, in the world of Cannabis smokers, the date 4-20 or in European format the 20th of April is a national holiday.

As we all look forward getting back to normal, it is highly unlikely that the Tesla boss ever get back to normal.