The numbers show it over and over again, COVID-19 is no worse as a seasonal flu.

Last week, WHO figures confirmed again that the number of Corona casualties is less than in many “ordinary” flu seasons in the years gone by.

Fact: There never was a seasonal flu without hospitalizations and people dying. Elderly patients die of side effects. This is normal but nowadays considered as not normal.

Even young people can die as they suffer an underlying health condition.

And many cases, in which patients did not show any health issues before, were afterwards explained with a possible hidden condition that contributed to the fatality.

The medical service can’t cope with the current crisis. That’s true.

Not because of large demand from sick patients but the huge number of employees on sick leave. As in the past doctors and nurses with a runny nose and cough stayed at work, now they are at home in self- quarantine. This is leading to no other conclusion as the “pressure” on hospital staff is widely fabricated.  ICU’s in many hospitals are empty.

It is a shame and crime that our lives are now based on a COVID lie that nobody seems to be able to stop. Is it worth it to ruin the life of many healthy people and destroy economies just to save the life of a relatively small number of old patients that also during a “normal” flu season end up in hospitals or die?

I am not a conspiracy theorist but we need not much fantasy to conclude that something dark came to this world.

The mass media don’t have the guts to ask critical questions.  Why? The MSM ignore the real facts and numbers. Why is this not part of the story? On the contrary, without real facts, journalists pump up the pressure on politicians to impose even stronger restrictions and further destroy the quality of life.

Do not forget that we deal with something that is known for generations, hundreds of years and we never shied from it. We accepted that the flu was something unavoidable as a part of life.

Over the past nine months, something weird happened. Governments round the globe abused the virus quite deliberately to reduce once gutsy and stoical people to a state of terror.

It is becoming more and more provable that the Corona talk in de media is junk. Again, the “official” figures simply do not compute. We are informed about positive Corona tests not informed about real sick patients. There is no other conclusion than we are being lied to.

Corona is no pandemic, the Spanish Flu, with over 100 million casualties, was.

As future viruses are looming, the future is bleak. We are already prepared for this dark future as politicians warn us that we never will get back to normal. State terror will be in place as governments take away our freedom.

There is no other explanation as a dark agenda behind it. As more upheaval is on the horizon, Corona could be the trigger of the big tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation, The Apocalypse of John.