In the old days, flu vaccinations were for the old and weak only.

Nowadays, everybody is in one way or another ‘forced’ to take the jab. An increasing number of governments are making vaccination mandatory.

There is growing doubt whether this is really necessary as the very young ones are not a high risk group.

This is proven otherways as they are refrained from standard measures as mask wearing and social distancing.

What we see is unhidden mounting fear among scientists about the mid- and long term effects of mass inoculation and social limitations.

Many countries treat there citizens like criminals.

Doctor’s fear the impact of the new normal on children growing up in an abnormal with masks, schools and gyms closed plus the potential damage a seemingly endless number of jabs can do.

I am surprised that almost no politician asks questions. Everybody should be alarmed and aware who our real friends in politics are.

In Israel the fourth jab on a row is now forced into citizens bodies.

Isn’t it time to make up the balance? To weigh the benefits of all restrictions and jabs against the harm they do? Especially with Omicron that emerged to be nothing more than a light flu.

Is it worth the financial damage as everybody, even without symptoms are forced to leave work and stay at home. Poverty strikes, food shortages are on the brink and worldwide inflation soars only due to deliberately disrupted supply chains.

The planet is in chaos and will be for a long time.

As the world enters the third year of the pandemic on a row, the balance is dark.  They are the same players that still make the same dire pronouncements and pushing for even further widening powers.

Doctor R.M. Huffman, an American physician from Texas warns that the global Covid tyranny will have far-reaching consequences for the future. The wellbeing of those previously in good health is at stake. He said: ‘As a doctor, I fear our Covid strategy has put young people’s long-term health at risk’

He emphasizes the importance to recognize the potential risks that governments have unwittingly presented to their populations, especially among young people in good health.

The world is in shock as hundreds of young and famous sportsman and woman suddenly died of inflammation of the heart tissue. Myocarditis and pericarditis. In America near one million people died or suffered severe illness after the Covid vaccination. The prime time news and CNN won’t tell you.

It is really annoying to see the main stream media silent about this.  It is dangerous as well not to be objective.

Where the heck is it good for to vaccinate the very young as authorities knew from the very beginning that Covid-19 is a disease that primarily endangers the elderly, obese and chronically ill. Something criminal is going on. Yes it is criminal to vaccinate young children three/ four times within less than a year. And this with stuff nobody will take responsibility for.

Why has there been such an effort expended to convince the young, fit, and healthy that they must take the same preventative precautions as those cohorts.

The NHS in Britain warns of cardiovascular consequences calling it the post- pandemic stress disorder. This could affect hundreds of thousands or even millions, of people aged < 45.

These numbers are worrisome.

The disruption by governments is so big that now we live in a world full with ticking time bombs mostly caused by measures intended to combat coronavirus. It is satanic.

As real criminals, governments and pharmaceutical companies have collectively agreed that none of them should bear any responsibility or assume liability for the damage vaccination or rules cause.

Thank God that at least we know how they operate.