As autumn nears the world almost definitely will go back into another lock down. Leaked papers from the German government show that the scenario for the most severe restrictions is on the table. So many new virus variants coming up.

The “battle” against the never ending virus mutations that still affects just a small number of people, is “lost” and with it, the world as it was.

The vaccines are not working, at least not in a way as promised at the time of introduction. A huge number of people already fully vaccinated get Corona and some of them severe. Look at Israel. But compared to the healthy majority of society, just a fraction.

Promises to the vaccinated regarding the abundance of restrictions are slowly but surely disappearing in thin air.

Even with the vaccine, social distancing, face masks and mass gatherings are becoming mandatory again. History (2020) will repeat it selves.

In America, nearly 40 percent of the US military rejects the jab. US president Joe Biden will now force these healthy young people to take the vaccine.  On August 3, nearly 50% of the American population have been fully vaccinated. I am not sure whether this link is working from Europe.

In Europe the number of fully vaccinated people is 60.90 %

Worldwide resistance against vaccination is mounting as the real protection turns out to be much lower as expected. And why vaccinate young children? Why deliberately undermine natural protection?

We never get out of this pandemic horror. At least not in the foreseeable future.

Isn’t it time to take the losses and get back to normal? It is proven, Corona measures are more a heavy burden for society as the virus it selves.

I regret that some people die but is it worth it to punish the big healthy majority with restrictive measures? Is it worth it to lock up athletes in quarantine as they test positive for Corona without having any symptoms at all? In some countries I was in quarantine, even with a negative test! It is terrible. In what kind of bad movie are we?

Traveling is a hell. It’s at every airport the same game. Long queues in labyrinths with masked travelers waiting for hours to reach the check in, security and passport control. Not to mention the administrative procedures regarding the health documents and declarations you are required to file for every country you are crossing separately. I am fed up. It’s a crime what they do to us.

Let’s get back to normal the soonest.

Viruses are part of life. Without viruses there is no life on this planet. Viruses play an essential role in keeping things going. Yes, people can get sick but on the other hand, viruses play an unmissable part in keeping us healthy. They clean up cancer cells, restore organs and far more.

I believe the massive vaccination programs are undermining our natural defense. It is a very dangerous game governments are playing.  Since the approach to Corona is in every country the same, it looks like a worldwide conspiracy. Who or what is behind it?