Donald Trump hates the way many media outlets operate. So do I. Colorized reporting or, equal bad, being silent about big achievements for America.

E.g. mainstream media widespread ignored the massive deficit reduction, with no less than $ 12 bn, accomplished during the POTUS first month in Office.

Among many other broadcasters, the BBC is now banned from White House press conferences. Officials from the BBC filed a complaint at the White House Press Office, begging restore access to news conferences.

If there were any, I am sincerely wondering about what’s left over from the achievements of Theresa May’s January visit to the U.S.

May couldn’t find enough words to emphasize her love for the United States and Trump administration. She heaped praise upon Republicans for their election victories, saying it was an “honor” to address them as one of the first foreign leaders. America is facing a rebirth, a new day begins, she said.

But was it enough to say these friendly words among others as at the same time at the Homefront here in England the news was dominated by journalists with an almost annihilating approach.

England needs America more than ever. The disintegration of the European Union has begun. The fear of the EU leaders in Brussels is materializing as individual European member states already started unofficial trade talks with Britain focusing on the post Brexit landscape.

In my opinion journalists, especially working for state sponsored media, should be aware of the responsibility they have. Viewers expect honest reports. Not mixed up with personal opinions and feelings. It’s about news paid with taxpayers money.

There is nothing wrong with criticism but at the BBC a more balanced way of reporting is strongly advised. Reporters from mainstream state sponsored news media should refrain from doing other things than bringing the news only. For judging journalism we have other platforms.