How about that? There is a famous TV program on channel 5 here in Britain, named “can’t pay, we’ll take it away” It is about renters not willing or able to pay the rent and after a court conviction ordered leaving their homes immediately.

And now we have a different version!

Britain is warning officials in Brussels that it might walk away from the Brexit negotiations as a bad Brexit deal looms. In that case it will not pay a dime of the huge exit sum demanded by the EU.

Should this happen, other EU member states will face a massive tax increase threatening the standard of living.

According to what well-informed sources told me, first talks with EU representatives went “very, very badly”

Britain wants to discuss a trade deal with the EU alongside the divorce negotiations. Not afterwards. But this is not what EU officials have in mind. They want to settle the Brexit terms before talking about trade deals.

Should talks fail then it is highly unlikely that Britain will pay the £50 billion EU divorce bill. And it is almost certain that not a penny will be paid before negotiations are completed.

In this matter, Mrs. May refers to a statement from Brussels: “The EU itself has said that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” This includes the exit payment.

A recent bomb threat to the talks is the claim from Brussels that negotiations may fall apart after Britain blocked a £5.05billion (€6billion) EU budget increase last week.

This budget increase only will cost British tax payers an additional £673million.

In case negotiations collapse, no payments will be made, Britain will walk away and certainly will not pay.