As predicted in the Holy Bible and many other old books and scriptures, it seems that the big tribulation, a period of big havoc and unrest on Earth has begun. No one will argue that the planet entered a timeframe full of unprecedented, breath taking and jaw dropping large scale events.

What we see is a global conspiracy against humanity. In all aspects.

Two years ago, Corona hit the world and it turned out that not the virus but the measures ruined most people lives. A recent scientific report shows that Sweden, with almost no restrictions, turned out as the country with the lowest Corona patient figures. The more severe restrictions, the larger the amount of virus casualties as the immune system of many was undermined.

It is obvious that the initial ultimate aim was a worldwide action to take control of people’s life. It ultimately failed and is now bleeding to death.

Today we are heading for World war III and it might get even nastier. Russia Minister Sergei Lavrov said yesterday that WWIII will be fought with nukes. According to the minister of foreign affairs, ‘this World War will be nuclear and destructive’

Lavrov warned NATO not to get involved in Ukraine. Especially the EU is warned that countries sending troops to Ukraine will face severe consequences.

The war already began with sanctions hurting consumers worldwide and particularly in Europe as they pay sky rocketing prices for gas and petrol. A fight funded with tax payers money, unbearable bills for energy and finally many, many casualties.

Russia wants Ukraine to be neutral. What’s against it? NATO already got –in contradiction with earlier promises to Russia – a number of new member states in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is a Nazi state with corrupt leaders. The EU is also a horrible place. They terrorize their citizens with meaningless legislation in a broad, well coordinated way. UK citizens thank God every day again they left the totalitarian system.

But war is back in Europe and a new reality strikes. It’s almost at the front door of Brussels.

The EU parliament and member states are exacerbating the problem by sending war equipment to Ukraine. Their dovish stance on the issue means probably the end of the EU as the block will ultimately dissolve under siege of the hawkish Russian approach.

Make Ukraine neutral and certainly not an EU member state. The EU is bad for everyone. Bad for the European people, Russia and finally Ukraine as well. The EU is a hungry monster that we need to stop.

I agree with Donald Trump that President Putin is a genius. I believe Vladimir Putin is at least ten times smarter as all European leaders together.

The EU is a mess and the situation is grim. The regime in Brussels vomits endless and unstoppable new legislation and rules. Many EU citizens have to violate rules to comply with others. How low can we go.

Instead of fighting and teasing each other, NATO and Russia only should talk and work together to solve the conundrum named Ukraine.

Don’t destroy the work of former US president Ronald Reagan and give a new cold war no chance.

But maybe it is already too late.