Confidence in politicians is worldwide at an all time low. Political influencers and government officials are lying to us all the time or, at least, don’t tell the full story.

I believe it’s about time to tell the whole truth and restore confidence in leadership.

Hold your breath as I am gonna tell you that exaggerating Corona, the climate change narrative and massive condemnation of the Russian invasion in one of the most corrupt countries on this planet are just a cover up to hide what’s really going on.

We are on the verge of the scariest things that can happen in modern times. The complete collapse of society as we know it.

World’s energy resources are running out. Oil depletion is happening at an alarming pace. The major oil fields in the Middle East are deteriorating and some of them near empty. It is increasingly difficult to keep drilling output at a sustainable level.

All experts are aware that solar and wind cannot entirely replace oil and gas. It’s misleading that solar and wind energy are helping us out. Solar and wind create dangerous grid instability as at the same time gas and oil field output is decreasing.

As the output of world’s largest oil fields is fading away rapidly, industry insiders consider this as the biggest threat to human kind.

Especially because oil and gas is not just needed for heating our home’s and feeding combustion engines. We need oil for thousands of things. From plastics to fertilizers and from medicine to powder for the washing machine.

The press is dishonest as journalists don’t reveal that electric mobility on battery power is not the real answer and no more than a temporarily solution.

Realize that electric driving makes you vulnerable. Governments can cut households off grid any time for political, financial or other dark reasons.

Further, precious metals for batteries are becoming increasingly scarce. In the foreseeable future EV’s can not compete in price with fossil fuel cars.

World’s energy problem is far worse than being told.

Put the camel’s nose under the tent and you will discover that humanity is running out of fossil fuel in overdrive mode and politicians keep their mouth shut.

The scary part of the story is that we are already running short of oil, coal and natural gas.

The cost of extraction from natural resources are already reaching a point where the selling price of food and other basic necessities needs to be unacceptably high to make the overall economic system work.

Natural sources as wind, solar and other “clean energy” sources are nowhere nearly able to substitute for the quantity of fossil fuels being lost.

This unfortunate energy story will unavoidably lead the world into a crisis worse than the 1920’s.

It’s a physics problem difficult to overcome.

Energy per capita and, in fact, resources per capita, must stay high enough for an economy’s growing population.

That formula is not working anymore. We are heading to catastrophe.