I am not against electric powered driving. Sure, I do my best endeavors saving the environment.

So far so good as long as electric transportation is not getting the energy from batteries.

It’s an outrage plundering the environment for scares recourses like lithium and more. I believe, electric transportation should get its power from modern hydrogen supporting fuel cells.

What a shame. In most countries today there is no sufficient supporting infrastructure for hydrogen cars.

Car manufacturers like BMW and many others can’t wait to go ahead with fuel cell technology, the real big change in automotive. What the heck are we waiting for?

I don’t understand why governments worldwide do not refrain from pushing and supporting battery powered transportation.

Who wants to drive a battery car? Many driver’s renunciate battery cars since the mileage is restricted to relatively short distances and charging is taking an awful lot of time.

Battery cars do not work in the cold upper Northern hemisphere climate. There is no way to drive or heat a car with a battery powered system from minus 15-20 degrees Celsius.

To make things worse, the life expectancy of car battery packs is no longer as 5 to 6 years. This makes used battery powered vehicles worthless. Used cars with a near end battery life are hard to sell. Therefore buying a Tesla is one of the worst possible investments.

However, Mr. Elon Musk believes in batteries.

His company never made any profit. Mr. Musk is the only one with a sky high remuneration.

Similar like nature, economics will organize it selves. Economists believe Tesla is now on the brink of bankruptcy. As a prelude Tesla shares dropped 25% last month. So far, the company made a little of 100.000 cars at a 2 billion dollar loss. Inside traders predict that only a miracle can save Tesla from total collapse.

What a bad news for all those enthusiastic -state sponsored- Tesla drivers.

And the havoc is not in the financial playing field only. The so called self-driving technique is far from ready.

After a deadly crash in California last month, Tesla is now under investigation by the authorities.
An Apple engineer, relying on the self-driving abilities of his Model X car, died in the incident.

Not talking about the numerous other technical issues. Tesla recently voluntarily has recalled 123,000 Model S vehicles. They found excessive corrosion in the power steering system.