It’s a tragedy unfolding in India as amid a significant surge in Corona cases, more severe COVID- 19 mutations strike. Scientists are working overtime to figure out what’s going on.

It seems a never ending story. We are now over a year from the beginning of this pandemic and no end in sight.

Today, India is one of the most effected countries. Indian virologists warned that despite being vaccinated,  some COVID mutations can possibly can evade immune responses.

This is also alarming news for Europe.

Europeans better prepare for things to come as they are genetically close to Indians.

Without providing any specifics, celebrated Indian virologist Shahid Jameel warned of very small mutations in some COVID- 19 variants that “could possibly evade immune responses”

The hunt for more severe variants is on going and the aim of top scientists is to culture those extra dangerous strains for further investigations in the lab. Scientists are figuring out whether mutations of the most recent B.1.617 variant play a part in the sudden rise hospitalizations and deaths.

Jameel: “We flagged the mutations and keep our eye on the ball”

The World Health Organization is often behind reality and it is no surprise they refused so far to declare the Indian strain as a variant of concern.

But what we know for sure is that on the contrary of the first Corona waves, the latest variant is creating a major health crisis all over India. It’s an unseen surge since the beginning of the pandemic.