Political turmoil in Downingstreet.

A political insider here in London told me he believes the PM will be forced to leave office soon. A confidence vote to be held in a couple of days could lead to the exit of Mrs. May.

It’s now or never as events develop as we speak. The upcoming days will be decisive about the question whether it comes to a Brexit, something in between or not at all.

Brexiteers massively panned the draft agreement between the UK and EU. It looks like all those years of negotiating are going down the drain in an instance.

One of the possible outcomes of the governmental turmoil is that Brexit is DOA. Dead On Arrival.

Years of bad negotiations with Brussels led to an unacceptable draft agreement no leave voter can live with.

For the leave camp it is not bearable to maintain a customs union with the consequence a prolonged time under the legal dictatorship from Brussels.

This might be the last Swan Song for Mrs. May and the rest of the cabinet since EU leaders made clear that renegotiating the entire exit agreement is not possible.

That’s why Mr. Gove did not accept the invitation from the Prime Minister to be the new Brexit Secretary.

Now there is little room left to get something else on the table as alternative for the disaster agreement May proudly presented.

A readers poll from the Daily Express showed on Saturday that 86% disapprove and reject the plan. This shock result comes at the very moment the PM is fighting for her political life.

No mistaken about it. May failed to deliver. The draft agreement will tie the UK to the EU almost indefinitely.

Major concern has risen that the backstop mode in case of a no deal situation will leave Britain in the customs union for an unlimited, perpetual, period of time. The Government will amend it to keep Britain under Brussels rule in the customs union. This will prevent the chance for free trade deals with the rest of the world.

To be continued.