Was the collapse of Hillary Clinton during the 9-11 ceremonies a game changer in the president election campaign?

So far, ongoing rumors about the health of Mrs. Clinton were laughed away by the democratic campaigners and mostly neglected by the media.

Despite the eye catching coughing incidents recently, she began suffering uncontrollable coughing fits during a number of speeches on the campaign trail, the mainstream media did not pay much attention to it.

According to the press it was not Hillary but Donald Trump who was not fit for the upcoming presidential job.

But since Sunday afternoon the cards lay different. The woman that supposed to be the next president of the most influential nation on earth was clearly unwell and almost fainted on her way to the car. On the way she lost a shoe.

Security agents covering the incident standing around Mrs. Clinton could not prevent that images made with a mobile phone went viral on the internet and shortly on nationwide television.

Another video emerged later showed a democratic presidential nominee in a dramatic moment when her knees buckled and she nearly crumpled to the pavement while waiting for the car to collect her.

The video uncovered completely limp legs, leading to speculation that she was totally unconscious.

In a first official comment Mrs. Clintons illness was called a case of overheating but soon the story changed in pneumonia.

Pneumonia is not a disease you get easily. Generally pneumonia shows up at people with a deteriorated immune system. This e.g. can be caused by a long lasting period of tension and a too high work load. But also a poor overall physical condition caused by other illnesses can tribute to acquire this disease.

From now on it will be difficult to convince the electorate that a woman with these kind of problems is strong enough to meet the demands of the oval office.

The damage has been done and it seems to be too late to turn the ship. This woman is simply not fit.

Donald Trump’s initial approach in this case is with respect and in silence.

But rumor has it that the democrats already started searching for a Clinton replacement. Amid this shocking health scare, they are secretly lining up other candidates. The campaign is currently on hold.

Shortly after the incident on Monday stocks were lower since increasingly favorite Donald Trump will end the era of cheap money and restore the old system with reasonable interest rates for savers. Nowadays worldwide stocks are sky high but savers are paying the price and bleed for the financial support of crippled economies.

In the meanwhile, the presidential hopeful is building medical history. In 2012 she suffered a blood clot after fainting and hitting her head at home whilst unwell due to a bad stomach bug.