It was not another bad hair day but a vitriol remark from the POTUS about the too expensive no go area location of the new American Embassy here in London.

The official visit is now rescheduled as a working visit on July 13th. This will be a “light” version of the full blown state visit Prime Minister May had in mind.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether Donald Trump will visit the queen yes or no. But very likely.

Except of U.S. president Johnson, her Majesty so far met every serving US president during her reign.

How to keep demonstrations, crime and disorder as far away as possible is a potential security nightmare. To avoid any confrontation, it is rumored that the U.S. president won’t go anywhere he can publicly shout at.

The announcement of the July visit comes amidst Trumps renewed criticism about the new U.S. embassy in South London. He called the move to this new location “lousy” and “horrible”

Earlier, he refused to cut the ribbon on new the embassy building and refrained from visiting the U.K.

Today, the appalling embassy building in Vauxhall holds an 800 members staff and cost over a billion tax payers dollars.

The decision to move the embassy to the new location was made by a former U.S. president and based on security issues.

The old building in Mayfair was too small to accommodate modern security equipment.